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Ranking All 6 Seasons of Longmire, From Worst to Best

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Longmire skillfully blended the police procedural and Western genres throughout the series, although some seasons were more successful than others. The show followed Sheriff Walt Longmire as he carried out his duties as Absaroka County’s law enforcement officer. Set in rural Wyoming, Walt and his deputies had to rely on their own investigative skills, logic, and knowledge of the county and its people to solve crimes, as they lacked access to high-tech police resources. This premise alone was captivating, but as the series progressed, it also introduced a fascinating conspiracy.

The question of who killed Walt’s wife in Longmire hung over the show, adding emotional weight and depth to Walt’s character beyond the typical Western lawman archetype. It also heightened the drama of Walt’s relationship with Vic. As the series developed, Longmire became more intricate than its original premise, requiring Walt to balance the interests of Abseroka’s local businesses and the nearby Cheyenne reservation. While much of this complexity worked, not every season benefited from the intricate storyline.

Season 6

While each season of Longmire delivered a solid story and intriguing plot, the final season failed to shine as brightly as its predecessors. Although the show’s conclusion was not its strongest point, the series finale still provided a satisfying and heartfelt ending. Longmire season 6 finally resolved the many conspiracies at the heart of Walt’s story and exposed his true enemies. While it did manage to develop and redeem several supposed antagonists, such as Jacob Nighthorse and Mathias, the conclusion to the central conspiracy often felt rushed and incomplete. Additionally, season 6 lost sight of what made Longmire so captivating in the first place, making it the weakest of the show’s six seasons.

One of the challenges of crafting a complex conspiracy like Longmire’s is that it can easily take over the entire story. Unfortunately, season 6 fell into this trap and was mostly focused on resolving all the loose threads from previous seasons that had sparked intrigue. As a result, the season had fewer individual mysteries and lacked the variety that made previous episodes so engaging. Despite these shortcomings, the season still had some redeeming qualities, and viewers clearly resonated with the show’s happy ending, as evidenced by its 87% viewer score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Season 5

Longmire season 5 faced the daunting task of living up to the high standards set by its predecessors, and while it didn’t quite measure up, it still managed to be engaging. The season’s standout feature was its increased focus on Ferg, who was given a love interest and a compelling storyline involving his encounter with the Irish mob and the resulting trauma. However, the season’s biggest flaw was its attempt to juggle too many plotlines simultaneously, resulting in some elements being underdeveloped.

Walt’s legal troubles provided a glimpse into the darker side of his policing style and the consequences of his actions, but they also detracted from more captivating storylines and weighed the season down. Vic’s pregnancy and the Irish mob plot felt like distractions from the main narrative. While some of the new storylines worked, most fell flat, resulting in an inconsistent addition to the Longmire story and one of the show’s less impressive seasons.

Season 1

Longmire’s debut season quickly captivated viewers with its familiar police procedural format, but its unique setting and Walt’s distinct investigative approach set it apart from the rest. Although it lacked the complexity of later seasons, the solid mysteries and believable characters made it an enjoyable watch. While not the show’s best season, Longmire season 1 expertly laid the foundation for the seasons to come.

Season 2

Season 1 of Longmire may have captured audiences’ attention, but it was season 2 that truly elevated the show to new heights. Building on the groundwork laid in the first season, season 2 delved deeper into the conspiracy surrounding Walt’s wife’s death and his troubled past. The slow revelations of Henry’s involvement in Miller Beck’s death and Branch’s consequences for helping Cady added layers of complexity to the show.

Moreover, season 2 gave Cady a more prominent role and agency, leading to a satisfying conclusion in the series finale. The introduction of Hector and the development of the Cheyenne reservation added depth to the show’s setting and characters. Walt’s personal interactions with the Cheyenne culture showcased some of the show’s greatest strengths.

Vic’s storyline with Ed Gorski was also a standout in season 2, forcing her to confront her past and adding to the show’s overall depth. Overall, season 2 of Longmire was a well-rounded season with a bit of everything, setting the stage for the show’s continued success.

Season 3

Longmire season 3 brought about a significant shift in the show, largely due to the development of Branch Connally’s character. Previously, Branch had been a mere annoyance to Walt, but in season 3, he found his own footing and became a more integral part of the story. Branch’s storyline in season 3 delved deeper into the spiritual themes of Longmire and challenged the show’s previously established logical reality through the introduction of David Ridges. Additionally, season 3 gave Barlow a more prominent role, transforming him from a despised businessman into a cautionary tale about the dangers of unchecked ambition.

By focusing more on its characters, season 3 was able to provide valuable insights into the show’s central figures, such as Henry’s time in prison and Walt’s unwavering loyalty to his friend. Furthermore, the season laid the groundwork for Barlow’s future role in the show, setting up key foreshadowing that would pay off in later seasons. Ultimately, Longmire season 3’s careful buildup led to a climactic payoff in the following season, making it a standout installment in the series.

Season 4

Longmire season 4 was the culmination of everything that made season 3 great. It was widely acclaimed by both critics and viewers, and for good reason. The show’s storytelling reached new heights of complexity, deftly raising the stakes for individual characters, the casino, the reservation, and the entire county. Season 4 created a palpable sense that the fate of the entire county was at stake, while still leaving room to explore the core elements of Longmire that had made it so beloved in the first place.

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