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Jason Bateman’s comedy sequel, which received poor reviews, has climbed up the US Top 10 chart on Netflix

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Jason Bateman’s poorly received comedy sequel, Horrible Bosses 2, has climbed its way up to the U.S. Top 10 Movies chart on Netflix. The 2014 film serves as a continuation of the successful 2011 movie, Horrible Bosses, and follows the story of Nick (Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day), and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) as they venture into starting a business together after escaping their previous evil bosses. However, their plans are thwarted by a terrible investor, leading them to concoct another outrageous scheme to improve their situation. Despite its negative reviews, the film has found renewed popularity on Netflix.

Since its recent release on the streaming platform, Horrible Bosses 2 has secured a spot on the U.S. Top 10 Most-Watched Movies chart. As of the week of February 12-18, the movie currently holds the #8 spot on the chart, alongside both new releases and enduring favorites such as The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which has remained on the list for 12 weeks. Despite being a decade old, Horrible Bosses 2 continues to entertain audiences on Netflix.

Is a third installment of Horrible Bosses in the works?

Will There Ever Be A Horrible Bosses 3? The return of Horrible Bosses 2 is likely to spark discussions about the future of the franchise. The first film was a success, receiving positive reviews and earning $200 million at the box office. It was praised for its performances and ability to balance comedy with depth, paving the way for a potential franchise. However, the sequel only made half of what the original did and was criticized by many reviewers. Jason Bateman has questioned whether the film’s failure was due to its quality or its Thanksgiving weekend release date.

Bateman’s observation about the release date of Horrible Bosses 2 is valid, as the R-rated comedy was not suitable for families to watch together during the Thanksgiving weekend. Despite not being a critical success, the movie could have performed better at the box office if it had been released at a more opportune time. In the meantime, Day has expressed interest in making a third installment of the franchise. No one has explicitly ruled out the possibility of another movie, and the cast and crew are keen on giving the series a more satisfying conclusion.

The resurgence of Horrible Bosses 2 on Netflix is not the only indication that there is still interest in the franchise. R-rated comedies such as No Hard Feelings and Anyone But You have also been gaining popularity. Furthermore, the cast members have become even more famous over the past decade, adding to the franchise’s appeal. The reception of Horrible Bosses 2 on Netflix is a good way to gauge whether there is still an audience for another movie, and the early signs suggest that there is.

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