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Tyler Perry’s 2014 film, which received negative reviews from critics, has now become a popular global hit on Netflix

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Tyler Perry’s 2014 movie, which received negative reviews from both critics and audiences upon its initial release, has now become a global hit on Netflix.

Despite receiving poor reviews from critics, Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club has found success as a posthumous streaming hit. The film centers around five single mothers from diverse backgrounds who unite after discovering that their sons are facing expulsion. Through their shared struggles, they realize they are not alone. The movie features a talented cast including Nia Long, Amy Smart, Cocoa Brown, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Zulay Henao, and Perry, who also directed and wrote the film. Despite its initial reception, The Single Moms Club has garnered a 58% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Typically, such negative reviews would spell disaster for a movie, but the film has found new life on Netflix. In the recent Global Top 10 streaming report, The Single Moms Club ranked fifth for overall streams during the week of January 8th to January 14th, with 8.5 million hours viewed and 4.6 million total views. In its first week in the Top 10, it even surpassed The Super Mario Bros Movie, which had been on the list for seven weeks.

Tyler Perry remains a dominant force in the world of straight-to-video and streaming content

Over time, it has become commonplace for movies to achieve success long after their initial release, thanks to physical sales or other forms of availability. Many cult classics were initially considered failures during their theatrical runs, as they were unable to generate enough revenue and were quickly released on physical media. However, they often found a more receptive audience after the fact. With the rise of streaming, platforms like Blockbuster and Redbox have been replaced, but viewers can still easily discover new films. As physical rentals have declined, the way in which these revivals occur has been transformed.

Perry’s Madea franchise has remained a cultural phenomenon, with the writer, director, and producer continuing to produce hit after hit. Much of the series has been released straight to video or streaming, yet it still manages to attract a large audience without the benefit of a theatrical release. Perry has learned to capitalize on these products, as evidenced by his recent four-year film deal with Netflix, which will include eight movies. While his success may be polarizing among viewers and critics, the numbers speak for themselves, and his current Netflix chart-topper is no exception.

The recent resurgence of The Single Moms Club is a testament to Perry’s continued success. While it may not have immediately won over everyone’s hearts, it caught the attention of the OWN network. The film spawned a spinoff series, If Loving You Is Wrong, which ran for five seasons and set a record for the highest-rated premiere on the network. For those who enjoyed the movie on Netflix, the spinoff is now available on Apple TV and worth checking out. Perry’s loyal fan base is always there, even if it takes time to grow.

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