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“May The Fold Be With You”: Get a Glimpse of Google’s Inaugural Foldable Pixel in I/O Teaser

by Lidia Lucovic

Google Unveils Teaser of Pixel Fold in I/O Conference: A Glimpse into the Highly Anticipated Foldable Smartphone

Google has recently released a teaser video during its annual developer conference, providing a sneak peek at the company’s inaugural foldable smartphone, the Pixel Fold. Speculations and rumors surrounding Google’s entry into the foldable phone market have been circulating for some time, with reports suggesting that the device has been internally codenamed “Felix.” The latest information suggests that the Pixel Fold will feature a highly durable hinge, aiming to rival the leading competitor in the segment, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4.

On May 4, eager enthusiasts awaiting official images of the Google Pixel Fold were pleasantly surprised when the @madebygoogle Twitter account shared a teaser video. The eight-second clip showcased four shots, each unveiling a different aspect of the highly anticipated foldable device. The first shot revealed the triple rear camera setup located on the back panel of the Google Pixel Fold. The cameras were positioned on a slightly elevated metallic module, reminiscent of the horizontal visor design seen in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series. This module also incorporated the flash and primary microphone.

Impressive Appearance of the Google Pixel Fold: A Glimpse into the Design and Features

The second shot in the teaser video showcases the top frame of the Google Pixel Fold. This section houses four antenna bands, a speaker, and what appears to be the SIM card tray. Unfortunately, the video does not provide a clear view of the phone’s hinge. Moving on to the next shot, the Pixel Fold’s screen unfolds, revealing its stunning display. While the bezels may be slightly thicker compared to modern smartphones like the Pixel 7 or the iPhone 14, Google has effectively utilized the additional screen space. Similar to the Taskbar found at the bottom of the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s display, the Pixel Fold also features a few apps positioned towards the bottom.

The Material You theme is prominently displayed, presenting a cohesive grayish-brown color scheme across all on-screen elements. Furthermore, the teaser confirms that the Pixel Fold will not incorporate an under-display front camera on the main screen. Instead, the front-facing camera is housed in the top bezel. Users can also observe the volume rockers and power button located on the right side panel. Lastly, in the final shot of the teaser, Google unveils the Pixel Fold’s cover display, which boasts an active always-on display. Additionally, the smartphone will be available in two appealing colors, black and white.

Google has maintained consistency in design language with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series, resulting in a visually appealing Pixel Fold. The dual-tone finish and minimalist design elements contribute to the phone’s elegant appearance. While the official announcement of the phone will be made at I/O 2023, it may take some time before the Pixel Fold is available for purchase. The expected price of the phone is around $1,700, and the company is rumored to offer trade-in and bundle options to boost sales.

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