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The Dangers Of Unregulated AI

by Lidia Lucovic

OpenAI’s CEO and ChatGPT creator, Sam Altman, acknowledges the benefits of AI but believes the technology requires regulation to avoid hazardous implications.

OpenAI’s new chatbot has garnered attention from tech enthusiasts and social media users for its ability to produce articles, poems, movie scripts, and code, among other things. Although the service was initially free, the company recently introduced a paid subscription option that offers users around-the-clock access, quicker response times, and priority access to new features for $20 per month.

Many technologists have cautioned against the dangers of unregulated AI, and Sam Altman is the latest addition to that group. He asserts that AI may become “frightening” in the near future unless regulators and institutions act quickly to prevent undesired consequences. While he believes the current generation of AI tools is not yet dangerous, he warns that “we are not that far away from potentially scary ones.”

Altman identified a potential threat of AI, which is its tendency to demonstrate a partiality towards certain political viewpoints. Although data could be the root cause of such bias, researchers have cautioned that the algorithms may have an inherent bias towards disadvantaged groups, given that most AI developers share similar socio-economic and racial backgrounds.

Altman has highlighted the potential danger of AI, particularly in regards to its possible bias towards specific political beliefs, and its tendency to present incorrect information as accurate. This is particularly concerning in light of the current proliferation of misinformation and fake news. Altman’s warning of the “scary” aspects of AI refers to issues that have already arisen, such as privacy violations and the use of AI in creating convincing deepfakes, which pose a threat to the ability to differentiate between credible information and propaganda. In addition to these concerns, there are also potential challenges such as widespread job displacement and the development of AI-powered weaponry, which must be addressed by developers and regulators to maximize the benefits of the technology while minimizing its risks.

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This article highlights the potential hazards of unregulated AI development and the urgent need for a comprehensive ethical framework that considers the impact of AI on society as a whole.


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