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Understanding Spotify Presale Codes and How to Obtain Them

by Lidia Lucovic

For ardent music enthusiasts and concert attendees who fervently support their favorite bands and artists, the pursuit of presale codes has become a common practice to secure prime seats at live performances. Spotify, the renowned music streaming platform, has introduced a feature that caters to this demand, granting users the coveted advantage of early access to premium concert events and exclusive perks offered by their beloved musicians. This strategic offering not only elevates the stature of Spotify as an all-encompassing music streaming service but also enhances the bond between artists and their devoted fan base.

A Spotify presale code takes the form of an alphanumeric sequence, frequently incorporating a word associated with a specific artist or their fan community, followed by numerical values such as a unique identifier or the show’s year. This code serves as a key to unlock a designated section of the concert ticket purchasing page, which remains off-limits to the general public until the official sale commencement. In essence, these codes empower dedicated fans to secure their tickets and gain entry to live performances well in advance of the wider audience.

Enabling Spotify’s ‘Fans First’ Emails: A Guide

Spotify’s ‘Fans First’ emails are designed to reach out to users who exhibit a significant level of engagement with a specific musical artist or band, as evident from their listening patterns and frequency of streaming. Even those who follow an artist’s official Spotify page can receive these tailored emails. To begin receiving these ‘Fans First’ communications and ensure accurate delivery, users must opt into this feature while ensuring their email address registered with Spotify is up to date.

To activate the option of receiving presale codes through email, users need to navigate to their Spotify account’s notification settings. If accessing Spotify via a desktop computer, open a web browser, visit the Spotify account page, and log in. Proceed to ‘Notification settings,’ then check the boxes corresponding to ‘Spotify News and Offers’ under ‘Spotify Updates,’ as well as ‘Artist Updates’ under ‘Your Music.’ Users have the choice to opt for emails, push notifications from the Spotify mobile app, or both. Finalize the changes by clicking the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page, and a confirmation message labeled ‘Notifications saved’ will be displayed at the top.

For mobile device users, launch the Spotify app and tap the ‘Settings’ icon (gear icon) positioned at the top-right corner of the screen. Select ‘Notifications’ and activate both ‘Spotify News and Offers’ and ‘Artist Updates.’ This action ensures the reception of unique features, including news, promotions, events, and updates tied to music artists who the user frequently follows or listens to. By toggling the ‘Push’ or ‘Email’ option (or both) to the ‘on’ position, users can choose their preferred notification type for both categories.

Receiving Spotify’s ‘Fans First’ emails could grant users early access to presale tickets, along with invitations to exclusive artist events and opportunities to acquire artist merchandise that may not be accessible through other avenues. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that matters involving presale code malfunctions, cancellations, refunds, and shipping inquiries are handled by ticketing companies. While Spotify doesn’t directly oversee presale ticket purchases or exclusive merchandise transactions, reaching out to concert promoters or the entities responsible for ticket sales and artist merchandise may be essential in case of any complications.

Authenticity of Spotify’s Fans First Program

For individuals seeking validation regarding the legitimacy of Spotify’s Fans First emails, rest assured that these communications are indeed genuine. In fact, Spotify has made an official announcement about its plans to expand the Fans First initiative to encompass a broader array of artists. This expansion translates to a larger user base gaining access to exclusive emails containing information about pre-sale concert tickets and merchandise offerings. Furthermore, Spotify is enhancing the discoverability of concerts within its application. Notably, artists can now showcase ticket offers directly in the ‘Now Playing’ view.

Artists also have the ability to prominently display their concert dates at the forefront of their profiles and within ‘This Is’ playlists. This innovative feature streamlines the process for users to discover their upcoming concert dates with ease. Upon encountering a concert listing within the app, users can express their interest by tapping ‘Interested’ and subsequently selecting the events they intend to attend. Subsequently, these chosen events are viewable in the Live Events feed. To access the Live Events feed, users can initiate the search function and select the ‘Live Events’ tile. By selecting a location and entering the relevant town or city, an assortment of events will become visible. Spotify users can then proceed to tap on a specific event to either purchase tickets or acquire more comprehensive event details.

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