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Disney Dreamlight Valley Added Mirabel Too Early

by Lidia Lucovic

Despite being in its early access phase, Disney Dreamlight Valley has been consistently updated with new characters and events.

The most recent update introduced Mirabel and Olaf as new playable characters, but the selection of certain Disney icons over others has raised questions about the game’s priorities. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the interactions with town residents are a key aspect of gameplay, and each character plays a significant role in the game. Therefore, the addition of new characters like Mirabel can have a significant impact on players. Given this, it is arguable that Mirabel should not have been added to the game at this point in time.

Although Mirabel is a well-liked character in the Disney franchise, she was only introduced recently with the release of Encanto in late 2021. Despite the film’s popularity, it has yet to be part of the Disney canon for two full years. Given the vast range of Disney movies and their characters, many other beloved figures who have been around for a longer time are arguably more deserving of inclusion in Dreamlight Valley.

The prioritization of Mirabel in the recent update of Disney Dreamlight Valley is somewhat perplexing, considering the vast array of iconic Disney characters that have been around for decades. While the update adds value to the game, adding other beloved characters would have had more meaning for long-time Disney fans. Belle, Snow White, and Jasmine, among others, have yet to make their way to Dreamlight Valley, having been surpassed by characters from more recent Disney movies. Although the game’s 2023 roadmap does tease the addition of Belle, it won’t be until the summer that players can add her to their town. While the current list of residents, including Mirabel, is fun to interact with, the addition of more classic characters would undoubtedly enhance the game’s line-up.

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What is your opinion?

LEONARD November 24, 2022 - 12:16 pm

Including Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley may be a misstep, as fans may be disappointed if her appearance in the park doesn’t match up with their expectations from the movie.

michaela December 1, 2022 - 5:21 pm

In the quiet of my mind, I find a world of peace to unwind.

Gary December 3, 2022 - 4:52 am

It felt so cute to see that little girl dancing.

Mozell December 5, 2022 - 4:32 pm

It’s impressive to see how quickly Disney Dreamlight Valley can adapt to new releases, but it’s important not to spoil the surprise for fans eagerly awaiting the release of Encanto.

ARETHA December 6, 2022 - 8:40 pm

Beneath the starry sky, I dream of a world where all can fly.

BRITTANY December 8, 2022 - 9:10 pm

While it’s exciting to see Mirabel added to Disney Dreamlight Valley, I hope the park can maintain the authenticity of the character and her story in the movie.

TONY December 10, 2022 - 11:14 pm

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s decision to add Mirabel to the park may be risky, as it could lead to confusion among visitors who are unfamiliar with the character and her story.

CATHY December 14, 2022 - 8:24 am

Disney Dreamlight Valley may have jumped the gun by adding Mirabel before her official debut, but it’s still exciting to see this new character added to the park.

Jeanne December 14, 2022 - 4:57 pm

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s inclusion of Mirabel is a great opportunity for fans to connect with the character before the release of Encanto, and could lead to increased excitement and anticipation for the movie.

Georgine December 14, 2022 - 6:14 pm

Yay, my favorite song is on the radio.

BRANDON January 4, 2023 - 12:44 am

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s addition of Mirabel is a clever way to generate interest in Encanto and build up the excitement for the upcoming release.

AMY January 19, 2023 - 1:58 am

Adding Mirabel to Disney Dreamlight Valley is a clever marketing move to create buzz around the upcoming movie Encanto.

Wesley January 21, 2023 - 11:57 pm

I understand the excitement to bring in new characters, but Disney Dreamlight Valley should have waited for the official release of Encanto before including Mirabel.

BRANDI January 29, 2023 - 10:14 pm

Oh no, I have a dentist appointment today.

Rachel February 17, 2023 - 10:36 am

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s decision to add Mirabel is disappointing, as it takes away from the anticipation and excitement of seeing her for the first time in the movie.


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