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How to Obtain Valuable Pelts in Palworld

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This guide will show you the location and method for farming Precious Pelt, a valuable item that can earn you 500 Gold in Palworld with minimal effort, aside from defeating a basic boss.

In Palworld, obtaining Precious Pelt can give you a significant advantage as it can be sold for a large amount of Gold and serve as your primary source of income in the initial hours of gameplay. Palworld is a survival game that involves exploring a world, upgrading your gear and base, and capturing Pals – magical creatures with unique abilities that can assist you in farming and battling other creatures.

These Pals can accompany you on your adventures or be put to work in your base to increase productivity. However, relying solely on the land is not feasible, so farming Gold is necessary. Selling Precious Pelt is one of the quickest ways to accumulate wealth, as each one is worth hundreds of Gold. Although not as valuable as Diamonds in Palworld, it is still a decent source of income, particularly in the early stages of the game.

Locations of Valuable Fur Farms in Palworld

The locations where you can find Precious Pelt in Palworld are mainly from Field Alpha Bosses. These bosses are a special type of Pal opponent that are larger in size and have a higher HP bar, making them a tough fight. There are many Field Alpha Bosses scattered throughout the game world. According to Game Rant, the easiest one to face is Chillet, a blue ferret-like opponent located south of the Fort Ruins waypoint.

Chillet is a level 11 Field Alpha Boss, so you need to match its power to defeat it, otherwise, you risk being eliminated. One of its notable features is its speed and agility, which requires you to be quick on your feet as well. Defeating or capturing Chillet will grant you the special item you are seeking. Precious Pelt can be sold for 500 Gold, which is a significant amount of money.

Field Alpha Bosses respawn in the game, so you can continue to farm Precious Pelt from Chillet and other bosses as much as you want. As you progress in the game, your Gold needs will increase, and you will unlock items that can grant you more in-game currency, provided you are up for the challenge. However, for starters at around level 11, Precious Pelt is one of the most valuable items in Palworld.

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