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Does the iPhone SE 3 Feature MagSafe? Important Details You Should Be Aware Of

by Lidia Lucovic

The iPhone SE 3 boasts notable features such as 5G capabilities and the advanced A15 Bionic processor. However, one question arises: does Apple’s budget-friendly smartphone incorporate the MagSafe technology? Since its debut in 2016, the iPhone SE has consistently served as Apple’s cost-effective iPhone alternative. The inaugural and second-generation models were priced at $399, while the latest iteration, the iPhone SE 3, starts at $429. Despite its budget-friendly nature, this model offers impressive specifications, including Apple’s powerful A15 Bionic processor, 5G connectivity, a battery life of up to 15 hours for video playback, and IP67 dust and water resistance. For those seeking an iPhone experience without the premium price tag, the iPhone SE 3 stands as a viable option for consideration.

Regrettably, opting for the iPhone SE 3 does involve some trade-offs. Certain drawbacks are immediately evident, such as noticeable display bezels and a singular rear camera setup. Additionally, the absence of MagSafe support is a notable limitation. The omission of MagSafe comes as a surprise, especially considering that the iPhone 12 was the first model to introduce this innovative feature. While rumors hinted at the inclusion of MagSafe in this version of the SE, the iPhone SE 3 does not incorporate MagSafe functionality in any capacity.

iPhone SE 3 Incompatible with MagSafe Accessories

As a brief reminder, MagSafe represents Apple’s magnetic accessory system, initially introduced with the iPhone 12 series and continued with subsequent models like the iPhone 13 and beyond. Utilizing an arrangement of magnets on the iPhone’s rear surface, MagSafe facilitates the easy attachment and detachment of a wide spectrum of accessories. This assortment encompasses wireless chargers, battery packs, wallets, car mounts, and more. Although not revolutionary, the MagSafe system does provide a convenient and user-friendly experience.

Due to the absence of built-in MagSafe magnets within the iPhone SE 3, both new and existing MagSafe accessories are incompatible with this model. The decision to exclude MagSafe functionality from the iPhone SE 3 was likely driven by cost considerations. The device’s physical structure mirrors that of its predecessor, the SE 2. Integrating MagSafe technology into the existing design would not only be advantageous but also necessitate a substantial redesign.

While future developments remain uncertain, the prospect of a forthcoming iPhone SE model featuring MagSafe remains plausible. Speculations suggest that the next iteration of the iPhone SE might adopt a redesigned body resembling more recent iPhone models. If such speculations hold true, the inclusion of MagSafe becomes a possibility. This doesn’t change the present reality that the iPhone SE 3 does not incorporate MagSafe. However, prospects for the future appear promising.

Currently, no official confirmation exists regarding the release date, existence, or design of the iPhone SE 4. Speculations indicate that interested buyers may need to wait quite a while before the next iPhone SE, projected for release in 2025, replaces the iPhone SE 3. If this holds true, the likelihood of a design overhaul increases. For the moment, anticipation is the only recourse; the future remains to be seen.

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