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Top Luke Grimes Films and Television Shows

by Lidia Lucovic

Luke Grimes, prominently recognized for his role in Yellowstone, has solidified his position as one of the most promising emerging talents in Hollywood. With a prolific presence on both the silver and small screens since the early 2000s, Grimes stands out as a unique example of an actor who has achieved remarkable success in both mediums. His roles, often characterized by rugged and charismatic characters, have showcased his versatility as an action star and a captivating leading man. Despite already achieving significant acclaim, Grimes’ trajectory in the entertainment industry is far from reaching its zenith.

While the widespread popularity of Yellowstone has undoubtedly contributed to his recognition, Luke Grimes is no stranger to successful television series and films, many of which have achieved blockbuster status. Recent endeavors, such as his role in the romantic Netflix film Happiness for Beginners, have provided Grimes with opportunities to diversify his portfolio and exhibit his talent beyond brooding appearances. As the main storyline of Yellowstone gradually concludes, Luke Grimes’ participation in various shows and movie projects is anticipated to broaden his range even further, highlighting his multifaceted capabilities.

The Fifty Shades Franchise (2015 – 2018)

Although the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise wasn’t destined for critical acclaim, this immensely popular romance trilogy achieved remarkable financial success. The storyline revolves around an enigmatic millionaire, Christian Grey (played by Jamie Dornan), who embarks on a complex relationship with a student named Anastasia (portrayed by Dakota Johnson). Despite the controversies surrounding its portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle, the first installment garnered a staggering half a billion dollars at the box office (via Box Office Mojo). Grimes took on the role of the elder Grey brother, contributing to the film’s visual appeal while having limited material to work with. Despite being widely criticized, these films became a significant pop culture phenomenon.

Taken 2 (2012)

Luke Grimes, no stranger to major blockbuster franchises, participated in the sequel to the highly popular Taken series. Taken 2 continues the story with retired CIA Agent Brian Mills (played by Liam Neeson) being kidnapped in Istanbul as an act of retaliation for his actions in the first film. Grimes assumed a minor supporting role as Jamie, mostly overshadowed by Neeson’s stoic action-hero character. While each Taken movie adhered somewhat to a formula, Taken 2 notably suffered from a recycling of ideas that capitalized on the financial triumph of its predecessor.

Assassination Of A High School President (2008)

The late 2000s witnessed a surge of indie-core comedy films, and Luke Grimes was featured in one of the lesser-remembered entries of that era. Assassination of a High School President follows Bobby (played by Reece Thompson), a high school journalist who delves into the mysterious theft of his school’s SAT tests. Grimes inhabited the role of Marlon Piazza, allowing him to exhibit his skill at portraying a duplicitous character and convincingly portraying a bully. While the film encountered challenges in terms of tonal consistency, it succeeded in executing the mystery plot effectively. It skillfully blended the DIY aesthetics characteristic of indie movies from the 2000s with neo-noir elements, resulting in a unique and distinctive amalgamation.

Happiness For Beginners (2023)

Venturing into uncharted territory, Netflix’s “Happiness for Beginners” marked a new chapter in the Luke Grimes movie portfolio. The film centers around recently divorced Helen (played by Ellie Kemper), who finds solace in nature under the guidance of her newfound friend Jake (portrayed by Grimes). While critics largely downplayed the film due to its romantic comedy genre, “Happiness for Beginners” offered much more than a typical romantic storyline. The characters exhibited realism and depth, and Grimes’ on-screen chemistry with Kemper transcended the usual rom-com sparks. The film’s unexpected ending defied conventions, yet this streaming exclusive remained relatively unnoticed.

Freeheld (2015)

When not taking on roles in colossal blockbusters, Luke Grimes often gravitates towards more subdued projects, and “Freeheld” exemplifies his versatile range. The movie revolves around police detective Laurel Hester (depicted by Julianne Moore), who faces a terminal cancer diagnosis and a subsequent battle against the state to secure her pension for her partner Stacie (portrayed by Elliot Page). Grimes assumes the role of Todd Belkin, a colleague of Hester’s who is living a secret life as a gay man. This role marked a pivotal moment in the seasoned actor’s career. Despite the film’s limited budget, it stood out for its cast performances and its depiction of a true story.

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Throughout his career, Luke Grimes has consistently found himself well-cast; however, the 2016 remake of “The Magnificent Seven” missed a certain opportunity. The story unfolds as a town in the Old West faces violent criminals, leading the town’s residents to hire a group of gun-slinging outlaws for protection. Though a natural fit for cowboy roles, Grimes undertook a minor part as Teddy Q, a town resident, alongside Hailey Bennett’s character. Despite the limited screen time, Grimes delivered a compelling performance. The film itself served as a passable reimagining of the classic, featuring ample action and humor, yet it inevitably paled in comparison to its iconic predecessor.

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