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Every Confirmed Playable Character in FF7 Rebirth

by Lidia Lucovic

“Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth showcases a varied ensemble of playable characters, comprising both familiar personas from past editions and fresh inclusions. The central figure, Cloud Strife, is accompanied by a group including Aerith Gainsborough, Barret Wallace, Tifa Lockhart, and Red XIII, who reprise their roles from Remake. Furthermore, Yuffie Kisaragi, Vincent Valentine, and Cait Sith have been confirmed to feature in Rebirth. There’s potential for the introduction of more playable characters like Cid Highwind and Zack Fair in forthcoming releases.”

Many of these characters were already featured in FF7 Remake, the initial chapter of the FF7 revival trilogy, and will reprise their roles in Rebirth. Some are making their debut in the remake trilogy, while others appeared in Remake but were not controllable by the player.

The original Final Fantasy 7 had nine playable characters that, once unlocked, could be interchanged in the party at will. Rebirth, on the other hand, was slightly more restricted, offering only four playable characters during the main campaign. A fifth character was accessible in the final chapters but was controllable only by AI. However, the Intergrade version of the game introduced a bonus chapter featuring a fifth playable character. This article outlines what to anticipate from FF7 Rebirth’s characters, who is making a return, and who is entirely new to the series.

As the central character in Final Fantasy 7, it comes as no surprise that Cloud takes the lead in the cast of Rebirth. In the initial phase of the narrative, Cloud arrives in Midgar presenting himself as a SOLDIER First Class. Assisted by his childhood friend Tifa, he secures a position with the eco-activist group Avalanche. What begins as a one-time assignment evolves into a lifelong alliance. Cloud embroils Avalanche in the complex matters involving the formidable and vengeful Sephiroth, a fellow SOLDIER. Both in the original FF7 and Rebirth, Cloud wields the iconic Buster Sword—a massive, weighty weapon capable of unleashing shockwaves amidst groups of adversaries.
Aerith returns in FF7, portraying a compassionate florist residing in the Sector Five slums of Midgar. Cloud’s first encounter with Aerith transpires as he evades Avalanche’s initial assault on a Mako Reactor. She stands as the sole character, initially, capable of perceiving the Whispers—an enigmatic spectral presence striving to uphold the canonical events of FF7’s narrative. Subsequently, Cloud aids her in evading the Turks, the security division of the Shinra megacorporation. The Turks seek to apprehend her and exploit her deep-rooted connection with the planet for their clandestine objectives. In FF7, Aerith adeptly serves a dual role, excelling in both healing abilities and potent magical offense.

Barret, the passionate leader of Avalanche, will make a comeback in FF7 Rebirth. Originally hailing from the mining town of Corel, Barret swore vengeance against the Shinra Electric Power Company after they razed his hometown, a retribution for Barret’s earlier destruction of their Mako reactor. Despite his fierce demeanor, Barret reveals a tender side, particularly in his interactions with his adoptive daughter, Marlene. While FF7 Remake doesn’t extensively explore his past, Rebirth, following the original game’s chronology, presents an opportune moment to delve into Barret’s backstory. Barret wields an array of machine guns integrated into his right arm, allowing him to swiftly stagger enemies. Notably, he stands as the sole character in FF7 Remake possessing ranged physical attack capabilities.

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