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Exploring 7 Unconventional Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 That You Likely Haven’t Tried

by scenesing

Unveiling the Unconventional: 7 Peculiar Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 You’ve Likely Overlooked

Set in the rich tapestry of Dungeons & Dragons, Baldur’s Gate 3 boasts a diverse array of spells designed to cater to myriad in-game scenarios. However, upon closer examination, some spells reveal themselves to be more than a tad peculiar. Whether due to their unusual outcomes or the conceptual intricacies behind them, these spells stand out as some of the weirdest in the Baldur’s Gate 3 universe.

While the available spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 are limited to level six, the game doesn’t shy away from incorporating some of Dungeons & Dragons’ most eccentric magical elements. While magic is class-restricted, the inclusion of spell scrolls, available for discovery and purchase throughout the game, ensures that every party has the opportunity to experiment with these intriguing and occasionally comical spells.

A notable spell within Baldur’s Gate 3 that has gained significant recognition among players is “speak with animals,” renowned for creating some of the game’s most humorous moments. True to its name, this spell allows the caster to converse with the diverse range of animals inhabiting the game world. Picture the party engaging in conversations with every creature in sight, from colossal deep rothés to irate squirrels with an aversion to music.

In addition to the novelty of engaging in conversations with Baldur’s Gate 3’s animal NPCs, “speak with animals” proves to be highly practical for various quests within the game. Notably, several quests in BG3 necessitate the party’s ability to communicate with distinct animals, such as the enigmatic Ox encountered in the Emerald Grove or the pigeons residing at the post office in Rivington. Thus, despite the initially peculiar notion of conversing with the local wildlife, it becomes a valuable asset to have at least one party member equipped with this spell in BG3.

Feign Death (Third-Level Necromancy)

The spell “Feign Death” stands out as an intriguing anomaly, boasting a highly specialized application. Simply put, its effect places an ally in a magical, protective coma, rendering them resilient to all damage except psychic. Moreover, the spell effectively halts the progression of any ongoing disease or poison effects and can be dispelled through the assistance action.

This peculiar spell finds its optimal utility when cast on NPCs categorized as allies in scenarios where their protection is imperative, especially when the NPC AI proves uncooperative. Surprisingly, a notable trend among BG3 players involves using “Feign Death” to pickpocket merchants once they have maximized their attitude. Regardless of the party’s chosen application, the inherent peculiarity of a spell inducing a coma in allies remains a distinctive feature.

Polymorph (Fourth-Level Transmutation)

“Polymorph,” a quintessential DnD spell beloved by players and often deemed troublesome by Dungeon Masters due to its potential for chaos, undergoes a noteworthy transformation in BG3. Unlike its expansive DnD counterpart, the BG3 rendition restricts the transformation possibilities, reducing the potential forms to a singular entity – a sheep.

While “Polymorph” in DnD was inherently comical, the decision to limit it exclusively to sheep in BG3 adds an extra layer of humor. This limitation has given rise to amusing instances where various formidable bosses within BG3 deliver their villainous monologues to the party while assuming the form of sheep. Notably, as a Trickery Domain cleric, Shadowheart automatically acquires this spell at level seven, contributing to the overall lighthearted and entertaining nature of the spell.

Grease (First-Level Conjuration)

The creation of the “Grease” spell raises intriguing questions about the inventive wizard behind its conception. This magical incantation blankets the ground in a dense, slippery substance, transforming the affected area into difficult terrain and introducing the risk of causing creatures navigating it to fall prone. This singular feature renders “Grease” exceptionally valuable for strategic battlefield control. However, the spell’s utility extends beyond impediment creation, as it possesses an additional flammable quality.

Upon being targeted with fire, either through a weapon attack or spell, the entire greasy puddle ignites, inflicting a substantial amount of damage. The ensuing flames persist for several rounds, posing a threat to any entities traversing the area. Positioned as one of the most effective low-level spells in BG3, “Grease” bestows the party with versatile options, even if its underlying nature introduces a touch of peculiarity.

Stinking Cloud (Third-Level Conjuration)

“Stinking Cloud” injects a humorous, albeit somewhat juvenile, element into the magical repertoire. This spell conjures a noxious gas cloud, the foul odor of which prompts targets within its vicinity to undergo Constitution saving throws each turn, with failure resulting in nausea. Nauseated characters are restricted from taking any actions, limited only to bonus actions, reactions, and movement.

The specific olfactory nature of the cloud remains open to imagination, leaving one to ponder the motivations behind devising such an unconventional spell. “Stinking Cloud” stands out for its peculiar and repulsive attributes, suggesting a uniquely eccentric creator. Despite its peculiar origins, the spell proves exceptionally useful in BG3, particularly for incapacitating enemy spellcasters with lower Constitution scores.

Otto’s Irresistible Dance (Sixth-Level Enchantment)

As the most potent spell among this selection, “Otto’s Irresistible Dance” lives up to its name by compelling a target to dance uncontrollably. While ensnared by the spell, the target finds itself incapacitated, unable to take any actions or move, with all attacks against them enjoying the advantage. Notably, “Otto’s Irresistible Dance” stands out in BG3 as a rare example of a spell that lacks an initial saving throw, though the affected target can attempt subsequent saves.

This characteristic makes “Otto’s Irresistible Dance” an exceptional means of immobilizing an adversary during a confrontation, as the sole method to prevent them from losing a turn involves the use of counterspell. Originating from Otto, an esteemed peer of Bigby and Melf and an ally within the Circle of Eight, this potent mage’s creation of such a peculiar and whimsical spell adds an extra layer of charm to this incredibly effective control spell.

Vicious Mockery (Enchantment Cantrip)

The adage that “words can hurt” finds embodiment in the peculiar cantrip known as “Vicious Mockery,” a notorious favorite among DnD players and a fundamental tool for bards across the realms. Baldur’s Gate 3 introduces fully voice-acted, scathingly amusing lines for vicious mockery, enriching the player experience regardless of the spellcaster.

This cantrip inflicts disadvantage on the target’s subsequent attack roll while concurrently dealing psychic damage. The potency of this damage scales progressively, evolving from 1d4 to 3d4 at level 10. By this stage, it becomes entirely conceivable to dispatch an adversary purely through the art of insult, marking one of the most peculiar and amusing feats any spell in Baldur’s Gate 3 can achieve.

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