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Once again, Dragon Ball Super hints that Gohan has surpassed Goku and Vegeta

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Throughout most of Dragon Ball Super, Gohan was overshadowed by other characters, but it seems that he is now on track to reclaim his position as the strongest warrior in the series, a title he briefly held at the end of Dragon Ball Z. This is supported by Vegeta’s statement in chapter #101 of Dragon Ball Super, where he echoes Bulma’s observation that Gohan, with his Beast Form, may have surpassed both him and Goku.

Gohan’s new transformation was first introduced in the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, and later in the manga’s Super Hero Saga. While Goku and Vegeta train with Whis on Beerus’ planet, Gohan becomes the last hope for defeating Cell Max. Driven by his anger over his daughter’s kidnapping, Gohan unleashes his new form after witnessing his mentor’s apparent death at the hands of the villain.

Gohan’s newfound strength has been a topic of discussion among fans and creators alike. In an interview, Toriyama himself acknowledged Gohan’s status as the strongest fighter, stating that he is “stronger than anyone, or so it’s said.” This sentiment is echoed in Dragon Ball Super, where even Pan wonders if her father could surpass her grandfather in power. Piccolo confirms that Gohan has the potential to be stronger than Goku, if only he were more dedicated to his training.

Gohan has always possessed the potential to surpass both Goku and Vegeta

In Dragon Ball Super’s chapter #101, Vegeta informs Goku, Beerus, and Whis about the recent events on Earth, including Gohan’s victory over Cell Max, based on the information provided by Bulma. Bulma suggests that Gohan may have surpassed both her husband and Goku, despite not being a warrior herself. Vegeta’s endorsement of Bulma’s comment adds credibility to it, and it sets the stage for Goku’s return to Earth to witness his child’s growth.

Vegeta’s endorsement of Bulma’s evaluation of Gohan’s power carries weight, as he cites her information to Goku and Whis during their training session. Gohan had already surpassed both Goku and Vegeta during the Cell Saga when he achieved Super Saiyan 2 form, prompting Goku to acknowledge his son’s abilities and recognize him as the only one capable of defeating Super Cell. Later, during the Majin Buu Saga, Gohan regained his position as the strongest warrior after undergoing the Old Kai’s ritual to unleash his dormant potential.

The emergence of Gohan’s new power has the potential to disrupt the established order in Dragon Ball Super

Gohan, once regarded as one of Earth’s mightiest heroes, gave up training in his adulthood to pursue his dream of becoming a scholar. However, his innate desire to safeguard his loved ones has recently rekindled his fighting spirit, leading him to unleash his fearsome Beast Form. The resurgence of this transformation in chapter #101 of Dragon Ball Super, just before Goku’s return to Earth, hints that Gohan’s newfound status may soon be acknowledged by his father in an epic showdown that could finally determine who truly deserves the title of strongest.

The Dragon Ball Super manga can be accessed through MANGA Plus and Viz Media, while the anime is available on Crunchyroll.

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