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With one tragic twist, My Hero Academia brings Deku back to his roots

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My Hero Academia has recently unveiled its most significant and heart-wrenching plot twist to date, confirming that Deku will inevitably lose his One For All power, ultimately returning him to his humble, quirkless beginnings for the series’ finale. The latest chapter of the manga confirms that relinquishing One For All may be the only way for Deku to defeat Shigaraki and overcome his formidable defenses, thus making the return of quirkless Deku an inevitable reality.

Chapter #413 of My Hero Academia reveals that despite Shigaraki’s impenetrable core of hatred and anger, All Might’s vestige was able to detect a rift or scar in its exterior, likely caused by Shigaraki’s battle against Star and Stripe. The second user, Kudo, also notices this vulnerability in Shigaraki’s defenses and plans to exploit it by transferring One For All’s power to attack his weak point, ultimately destroying One For All in the process.

The latest chapter of My Hero Academia has solidified the heartbreaking realization that Deku will ultimately lose One For All, returning him to his original quirkless state for the finale of the series. Kudo’s plan to attack Shigaraki’s weak point using the force of transferring One For All confirms a widely speculated fan theory, ultimately leading to the destruction of the powerful quirk. Although this approach is unexpected, it falls in line with the established rules of One For All and the immense power that Deku has grappled with throughout the series.

The power of One For All will be permanently eradicated

Chapter #412 reveals that Shigaraki has concealed his vulnerable self with layers of anger, frustration, and hatred, forming a solid sphere known as his “unshakable resolve.” However, the latest chapter exposes a crack in this resolve, which Star and Stripe point out to All Might and Kudo. Kudo plans to transfer One For All to Shigaraki with enough force to expand this crack in his core and fracture One For All, rendering it unusable.

This would prevent Shigaraki from using its individual quirks, as obtaining Gearshift or Fa-Jin would be catastrophic for hero society. Destroying One For All appears to be the better option, but this also seals Deku’s fate. Fans may experience a heartbreaking farewell as the destruction of One For All could also mean the loss of the vestiges of the previous users who have guided Deku throughout his journey.

To defeat Shigaraki, Deku takes advantage of One For All’s classic flaw

Despite its immense power, Deku has only been utilizing a fraction of One For All’s potential throughout the majority of the series, resulting in constant physical strain and backlash. Even his strongest quirk, Gearshift, came with significant recoil. One For All not only shortened the lifespans of its previous users but also continuously pushed Deku’s body to its limits, despite him being the ideal vessel. This is exemplified by the fact that Deku had to train his body extensively before even receiving One For All, highlighting the overwhelming strength of the quirk.

However, in a strange turn of events, Deku can now exploit One For All’s greatest weakness to defeat Shigaraki and prevent him from stealing any more of the quirk’s vestiges. Nevertheless, the series finale may be more bittersweet than fans anticipated. Deku’s journey in My Hero Academia has been long and fulfilling, and although it is sad to see him lose his quirk, relinquishing One For All only serves to make him an even greater hero.

My Hero Academia can be read on MANGA Plus and Viz Media.

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