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Ranking Emma Stone’s Comedy Movies from Best to Worst

by Lidia Lucovic

Emma Stone’s Comedic Filmography

Emma Stone’s comedic movie roles underscore her prowess as an actress, although the quality of these films may vary. Demonstrating remarkable versatility, she effortlessly transitions between naturalistic and character-driven roles, infusing each character with a distinct amalgamation of wit, grace, vulnerability, intellect, and resilience. Stone possesses a unique aptitude for comedic timing and the portrayal of idiosyncratic characters, talents she has showcased in some of the most outstanding comedy films in recent cinematic history.

Stone initiated her career as a teenager, making guest appearances on television shows such as “Medium” and “Malcolm in the Middle.” Her breakthrough came through two high-profile roles in comedy films that served as a testament to her exceptional talent. “Zombieland” in 2009 and “Easy A” the following year garnered critical acclaim and captured the attention of moviegoers, a testament to her captivating presence and exceptional abilities, firmly establishing her among the preeminent actors of her generation. While Emma Stone’s filmography encompasses works of diverse genres and styles, her comedy ventures constitute a distinct category of their own.

1.Easy A

In “Easy A,” Emma Stone takes on the role of Olive, offering a contemporary interpretation of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter” set within the backdrop of a California high school. Her portrayal exhibits a blend of authenticity and wit, injecting a fresh perspective into the realm of teen sex comedies. Stone’s performance not only underscores her talent but also cements her status as a burgeoning star in Hollywood, effectively laying the foundation for her illustrious career. “Easy A” delivers an enjoyable, relatable narrative, brimming with moments that continue to be referenced, quoted, and even “memed” in contemporary pop culture.

2.The Favourite

Emma Stone garners an Oscar nomination for her role as an opportunistic maid to the real-life historical figure, Queen Anne, portrayed as a temperamental adult child in Yorgos Lanthimos’ dark comedy, “The Favourite.” Upon her introduction, Stone’s character exudes a palpable nervous energy, a departure from the more reserved roles she has previously inhabited. Stone adeptly conveys a character who appears perpetually on edge and worn down, ready to react at the slightest disturbance.

3.Crazy Stupid Love

Within the narrative of “Crazy Stupid Love,” Emma Stone discovers herself entangled in an unexpected romance with a debonair womanizer portrayed by Ryan Gosling. This delightfully irreverent and humorous film astutely lampoons the complexities of the dating and romantic landscape, adroitly infusing humor into a narrative imbued with poignant moments. Stone’s performance shines, deftly conveying her character’s comedic frustrations and her journey toward adopting a more direct approach. Simultaneously, she skillfully captures her character’s intellectual depth and compassionate nature, delivering a portrayal that is both memorable and multifaceted.


In the prequel story to “101 Dalmatians,” Emma Stone assumes the role of the infamous fashion designer, Cruella de Vil. Her performance is nothing short of a spectacle, replete with extravagant attire and a remarkably authentic English accent. Stone’s interpretation of this larger-than-life character stands out as uniquely her own. Her ability to delineate the character’s transformation, evolving from a lonely and misunderstood figure into a fearless and audacious fashion icon, serves as a testament to her remarkable acting proficiency. Stone’s mesmerizing portrayal imparts depth and complexity to a character historically synonymous with pure villainy.


The original “Zombieland” stands as a brilliant deconstruction of the zombie apocalypse genre, artfully amalgamating humor with the unexpected warmth emanating from the unique camaraderie that blossoms among the four central characters. Regarded as one of the paramount horror comedies of all time, Emma Stone’s portrayal of Wichita epitomizes her exceptional comedic timing. Through her nuanced performance, Stone subtly conveys Wichita’s latent vulnerability, imparting additional dimensions to her character in this uproarious and heartwarming cinematic endeavor.

6.The House Bunny

This ribald and uproarious celebration of femininity is spearheaded by Anna Faris, who assumes the role of a Playboy Bunny facing eviction, ultimately becoming the den mother of a sorority house. As a socially awkward sorority member, Emma Stone infuses the film with an endearing charm and an abundance of comically delivered lines. Her portrayal underscores her versatility as the character undergoes a transformation from nerdy and insecure to self-assured and influential, showcasing Stone’s comedic acumen in the process.

7.Irrational Man

In her second collaboration with Woody Allen, merely a year later, Emma Stone stars alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Parker Posey in this darkly comedic and macabre film, “Irrational Man.” Stone’s performance in the movie is undeniably remarkable, underscoring her incredible versatility. She seamlessly navigates through scenes, effortlessly transitioning from flirtatious wit to profound emotional turmoil as her character grapples with a pivotal revelation, effectively enhancing the narrative of one of Allen’s lesser-known works.

8.Zombieland: Double Tap

Reuniting with Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin, alongside the introduction of new faces, Emma Stone returns in this exhilarating action comedy. Here, Emma Stone proudly displays her aptitude for action roles, once again exemplifying her capability to embody characters with rugged exteriors while infusing them with vulnerability, particularly in her relationship with her sister. While the sequel may not necessarily advocate for the continuation of the storyline, it offers a gory and uproarious cinematic experience.

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