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The 5 Finest Heavy Weapons in Starfield (& How to Obtain Them)

by Lidia Lucovic

1.Heller’s Cutter: A Laser Tool and Potent Weapon

Originally designed as a reliable laser tool, the Cutter also serves as a formidable weapon in the game. While there exist several generic versions of this weapon, Heller’s Cutter distinguishes itself with its enhanced potency. This particular Cutter was once in the possession of Heller, a notable member of the Argos Extractors faction. However, as the narrative progresses, Heller relinquishes ownership of the weapon, affording players the opportunity to acquire it.

Concerning its damage potential, Heller’s Cutter inflicts a base damage of four per hit, excluding any modifiers. Despite this, its energy-based characteristic provides a substantial advantage over conventional physical bullets within the Starfield universe. Furthermore, the Cutter features a unique Disassembler capability, amplifying its efficacy against robotic adversaries. Consequently, Heller’s Cutter proves to be exceedingly advantageous during the initial phases of the game and retains relevance in subsequent encounters, particularly those involving robotic foes.

2.The X-989 Microgun: A Unique Minigun Variant

The X-989 stands out as a distinctive variant of the Minigun, offering unparalleled features. An elementary version of this Microgun is exhibited at The Well UC Surplus store in New Atlantis. However, procurement from this establishment is challenging, as vigilant staff oversee the operations and restrict sales. While one could resort to theft, this action labels the individual as a criminal. Alternatively, aspiring players can affiliate with the UC Vanguard faction and actively engage in missions. Upon reaching the penultimate phase of the Hostile Intelligence questline, consulting the UC Agent and requesting weaponry proves fruitful, yielding the coveted X-989 along with supplementary ammunition.

In terms of damage per hit, the X-989 Microgun may not be formidable, but it compensates with an exceptional ability to discharge an overwhelming barrage of bullets. Once initiated, the Minigun can effortlessly unleash ten or more rounds per second. Moreover, it inflicts amplified damage upon encounters with extraterrestrial adversaries. Additionally, the weapon is equipped with four distinct modifications: Laser Sight, Tactical Grip, Tactical Magazine, and Long Barrel. This configuration allocates two remaining slots for further customization at a workbench within the Starfield universe.

3.The N67 Smartgun: A Premium Minigun Option

The N67 Smartgun represents a highly sought-after variant of the Minigun, offering a compelling array of features. Procuring this powerful weapon is possible at the UC Distribution shop located in New Atlantis. Wen Tseng, the merchant overseeing the shop, provides the opportunity to purchase the N67 at a cost of approximately 32,000 credits. While this investment may seem substantial, the early-game advantages it confers make it a worthy acquisition. Remarkably, one can obtain this weapon without extensive involvement in side quests or additional activities.

The distinguishing feature of the N67 lies in its superior enemy penetration perk, particularly effective in combat scenarios. This perk allows the weapon to puncture and bypass enemy armor, greatly enhancing its versatility. Moreover, the N67 is equipped with two weapon modifications: the Compensator and Armor-piercing Rounds. These augmentations create ample space for incorporating up to four additional weapon modifications in Starfield, enabling a fully customized Microgun.

4.Poisonstorm: An Exclusive Magstorm Heavy Weapon

The Poisonstorm is a unique heavy gun known as the Magstorm, offering exceptional capabilities. It is available for purchase at Kore Kinetics, a prominent shop situated on the vibrant Neon. Accessible by taking the elevator to the lowermost level, the store is conveniently located near the Trade Tower. However, acquiring this weapon comes at a significant cost of 40,000 credits, rendering it quite expensive. It is advisable to consider obtaining it at a later stage when financial constraints are less of a concern. Alternatively, players may opt to wait for a New Game+ in Starfield to amass an extensive collection of firearms.

Typically, the Poisonstorm inflicts ten points of physical damage per hit. Notably, its Poison perk possesses the capability to randomly transform this damage into poison-based effects. Furthermore, the gun exhibits the ability to decelerate targets, presenting itself as an excellent tool for crowd control rather than focusing solely on inflicting damage. The Poisonstorm is furnished with two specific modifications: High Velocity and Depleted Uranium. However, customization beyond these modifications is not possible.

5.Shattered Shock: A Bridger-Style Grenade Launcher in Starfield

The Shattered Shock stands as one of the potential Bridger-style grenade launchers available in the Starfield universe. Similar to the X-989, it can be acquired during the UC Vanguard mission ‘Hostile Intelligence.’ The weapon is located within Londinion, concealed within a crate on an elevated platform, necessitating the use of a boost pack for access. Caution is advised, as this area is teeming with adversaries. It is prudent to neutralize them before embarking on the search for valuable loot. Completion of the mission may result in temporary closure of Londinion.

Noteworthy is the Shattered Shock’s possession of the ‘Shattering’ perk, akin to the N67. This remarkable ability enables the weapon to entirely penetrate the defenses of even the most heavily armored adversaries. Consequently, it proves exceptionally useful for overcoming challenges in the ‘Hostile Intelligence’ mission, where some inhabitants boast formidable armor defenses. Additionally, the unique firearm features three distinct modifications: Long Barrel, Short Scope, and Tactical Stock.

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