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What is the fate of Ed Baldwin and Dani Poole in For All Mankind Season 5? Find out what lies ahead for these characters in the upcoming season

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Viewers of For All Mankind may be curious about the potential appearances of Ed Baldwin and Dani Poole in season 5. Here is what we have learned about the futures of these characters.

There are spoilers ahead for season 4 of For All Mankind.

For All Mankind fans may be curious about the potential return of Ed Baldwin and Dani Poole in season 5 of the popular Apple TV+ show. Developed by Ronald D. Moore, Matt Wolpert, and Ben Nedivi, the series presents an alternate timeline where the global space race never ended. In this alternate history, a Soviet cosmonaut becomes the first human to land on the Moon, prompting NASA to rapidly innovate and expand. While the first season is set in 1969, each subsequent season takes place a decade later.

The decade-long time jumps serve as an effective way to chronicle the alternate space race history, but it also means that the cast of characters changes from season to season. Since season 1, NASA’s top astronaut Edward “Ed” Baldwin (played by Joel Kinnaman) and relative newcomer to space travel Danielle “Dani” Poole (played by Krys Marshall) have played significant roles in For All Mankind’s story. However, the ending of For All Mankind season 4 has left Ed and Dani’s fates uncertain, particularly as the series moves forward another 10 years.

There is a possibility that Ed Baldwin may still appear in For All Mankind season 5 based on his age

At the start of the first season of For All Mankind, Ed Baldwin is a highly regarded astronaut at NASA. However, when the Soviet Union’s team beats the United States to the Moon, Ed faces criticism for the loss in the space race and publicly calls out NASA. Despite some setbacks, he eventually earns the opportunity to lead NASA’s inaugural mission to Mars. Unfortunately, his chance at making history falls through when Margo Madison withdraws the offer, leading Ed to join the multinational Helios Aerospace with a sense of dissatisfaction.

In season 4, Ed becomes the Executive Officer of the expanding Happy Valley colony on Mars. Despite the challenges faced on the planet, Ed grows to consider it his home. However, his professional life begins to unravel as he frequently clashes with Dani, particularly over the Goldilocks asteroid retrieval mission. After Dani receives reports of Ed’s hand tremors, he is removed from flight status and relieved of his duties as XO. Although he may not be working in the same capacity, it is possible that an 80-year-old Ed still resides in Happy Valley during season 5.

The possibility of Dani Poole returning for season 5 of For All Mankind remains open due to her uncertain fate

During the season 4 finale of For All Mankind, Dani is shot with a familiar weapon, North Korean cosmonaut Lee Jung-Gil’s gun, during Miles’ Mars riot. This same weapon had been buried in the sand during season 3 while Dani, Lee, and Grigory Kuznetsov were stranded. The gun resurfaces during a time of heightened tensions in season 4 and is used to injure Dani instead of being discarded. With Dani critically wounded, the opposing residents of Happy Valley unite.

Although the show’s creators have confirmed that Dani survived the gunshot, it is uncertain if she will return for season 5. Initially, Dani agrees to come out of retirement to lead the Happy Valley colony after Kuznetsov’s death. However, given the intensity of her season 4 storyline, it is possible that her character’s arc has come to an end. The show’s creators acknowledge that characters can leave the show for reasons other than death, such as career changes or the completion of their story arc.

Is the presence of Ed and Dani necessary for For All Mankind Season 5?

Given the timeline structure of For All Mankind, characters tend to enter and exit the series as it jumps forward in 10-year intervals. Although Ed and Dani have been present since the show’s inception, and Ed is a significant member of the ensemble cast, their presence is not crucial for season 5. The show has always aimed to document a broader historical narrative, and with the focus on Kuznetsov Station, fresh characters and plotlines are essential for the upcoming season.

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