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The present moment presents an ideal opportunity to revive this iconic crime procedural from the 2000s

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A revival of Tony Shalhoub’s iconic character and series is timely, as evidenced by the return of the quirky detective Adrian in “Mr. Monk’s Last Case.”

The timing is ideal for a reboot of Tony Shalhoub’s character and show, as Mr. Monk’s Last Case has brought back the beloved eccentric detective Adrian. Monk was one of the most popular crime procedural shows of the 2000s, following Adrian Monk, a detective with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a fear of germs, who used his brilliant mind to help the San Francisco police solve cases as a private detective. Despite retiring after his wife’s death, Adrian’s investigative skills were still sharp, as shown in the new movie.

Tony Shalhoub’s outstanding performance as Adrian made Monk one of the best detective series on Amazon Prime Video and one of the most beloved crime shows of the decade. Adrian’s character took down many memorable criminals in the show, but there are still more mysteries to solve. With the possibility of a sequel to Mr. Monk’s Last Case, a reboot show featuring Adrian’s investigative skills would be a perfect addition to the crime genre.

The ideal moment for a Monk reboot is now

The current climate presents an opportune moment for a Monk reboot, as recent developments have sparked renewed interest in the series. With its upcoming release on Netflix on February 5, the show will reach a wider audience and potentially replicate the streaming success of other USA network shows like Suits. Additionally, Adrian’s return to investigating in Mr. Monk’s Last Case suggests that there are still plenty of cases to explore, indicating that the series is still thriving. The success of the network’s original programming could also bode well for a new iteration of Monk, making it a prime candidate for one of USA’s upcoming projects.

The Potential for a New Monk TV Show Following the Release of “Mr. Monk’s Last Case”

Following the release of the Last Case movie, a new Monk TV show would have faced the challenge of justifying Adrian’s return to crime-solving. However, this hurdle has already been overcome by the movie’s storyline. Mr. Monk’s Last Case provided a platform for the series to be revived, with Adrian’s willingness to take on cold cases and his new dog serving as potential plot points for future episodes. A reboot show could pick up where the movie left off, featuring Adrian working alongside his old friends to solve seemingly unsolvable cases.

With the recent success of Monk, USA has a prime opportunity to capitalize on its popularity by creating a reboot show. The show has a dedicated fan base that would eagerly welcome its return. Moreover, the timing is perfect, as the mystery genre is currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity. A new Monk show could be a standout addition to this trend, and the potential for its success is high. All in all, the stars seem to be aligning for a new Monk show, and now is the ideal time for it to become a reality.

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