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Bachelor Star Susie Evans Writes Blog Post Regarding Split with Clayton Echard

by Lidia Lucovic

Susie Evans, a prominent figure from The Bachelor reality show, recently authored a blog post discussing her separation from Clayton Echard. This came after the public announcement of their breakup through a joint statement on Instagram at the conclusion of September. Given the tumultuous nature of their relationship depicted during the show, the news of Susie and Clayton parting ways didn’t come as a surprise to their fans. Despite attempts at reconciliation, the couple openly acknowledged that their relationship had its challenges.

Susie candidly shared her experience of parting ways with Clayton by crafting a blog post on her platform, “Susie Was Like.” The article, titled “Break Up Reflection,” was released on Monday, November 21st, about two months post the official announcement of their separation. In this piece, the 29-year-old delved into the lessons she had gathered during this period. Notably, she stressed the importance of self-improvement in the aftermath of such a public breakup. Susie shed light on her mental state towards the concluding phase of the relationship, acknowledging that she was struggling and felt a sense of disconnect from her true self. The strains of her romance with Clayton had noticeably dimmed her usual sparkle. She confessed, “deep down I was struggling and felt misaligned with the best version of me. I believe this was because I was trying to make something work that just wasn’t a natural fit.” Describing this phase as emotionally draining, she shared that she even resorted to searching “’Can you love someone and not be compatible?’” Later, reflecting on this, the wedding videographer concluded that parting ways with Clayton taught her a valuable lesson — that a relationship built solely on love doesn’t always possess the fundamental elements needed for robust growth.

While she didn’t delve into specific details, Susie implied that she and Clayton were not in alignment on the “vital foundational elements” crucial for a robust relationship. The Lindenwood University graduate then imparted advice to her readers, emphasizing that one cannot force another person to mature or become someone they are not yet prepared to be. Echoing the age-old wisdom that “you can’t date potential,” she went on to say, “people can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves.” However, Susie made it clear that there is no animosity between the former couple. She conveyed that they will continue to support each other albeit from a distance, stating, “there is so much more good that has come from this breakup, for both myself and Clayton.” Staying focused on the positive, she mentioned that they are both dedicated to “discovering happiness within ourselves and our individual passions.” Finally, she concluded, “Just because something wasn’t forever…doesn’t mean it wasn’t wonderful.”

As for Clayton, he hasn’t publicly shared his thoughts post-split like Susie. Similar to his ex-partner, the former football player’s main focus after the breakup has been self-improvement. Both of them faced considerable online criticism and scrutiny from fans of the ABC franchise. Clayton started receiving criticism early on, right when his casting was announced. His conduct as the Bachelor, particularly the controversies during the Fantasy Suites that led to Susie’s initial exit, only added to the backlash.

Viewers expressed dissatisfaction with Clayton’s season, feeling that it emphasized shocking drama over genuine connections. This negative response triggered substantial discussions within Bachelor Nation about the direction of the long-standing franchise. Following in Clayton’s footsteps in various aspects, Zach Shallcross faced controversy when selected as the next Bachelor. Nonetheless, host Jesse Palmer has assured that the upcoming season will prioritize romance over drama. It remains to be seen if this shift in focus will result in a more stable and successful couple.

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