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Top 10 TV Shows Currently Streaming on Amazon Prime

by Lidia Lucovic

There is an abundance of streaming services catering to TV show enthusiasts today, and Amazon Prime Video stands out with a remarkable collection of content. While Netflix and HBO Max often steal the spotlight in discussions about streaming platforms, Amazon’s service offers a diverse range of compelling exclusives. These include the edgy superhero series “The Boys” and the intricately crafted fantasy epic “Wheel of Time.” In recent years, Prime Video has significantly expanded its original content, enhancing its portfolio. The noteworthy quality of Amazon exclusives enables the platform to remain competitive amidst a crowded streaming landscape.

“The Boys” stands out as one of the premier superhero TV shows available for streaming, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video. The show is set to expand with a spinoff and the upcoming fourth season on Prime Video. Across its initial three seasons, “The Boys” unfolds the narrative of the eponymous team as they strive to dismantle the corrupt entity, Vought International, along with its formidable group of Supes known as The Seven. These Supes, led by the egotistical and sociopathic Homelander, present formidable challenges. The series is not only an exhilarating experience but also embeds a robust political and social commentary within its storyline, exploring darker themes and growing in intensity and explicitness with each successive season.

“Good Omens,” adapted from Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same title, stands as a notable Amazon exclusive available for streaming on Prime Video. The narrative follows the angel Arizaphale and demon Crowley in their endeavor to avert the onset of Armageddon. Their endearing and comedic partnership forms a central aspect of the show, leading to a storyline that extends beyond the original source material, providing an expanded view of Gaiman’s world and its characters. Whether delving into unexplored narratives or interpreting the book’s essence, “Good Omens” delves into themes of morality and free will, prompting existential inquiries that resonate with a broad audience.

“Daisy Jones & the Six,” an adaptation of Taylor Jenkins Reid’s best-selling novel, is another notable book-to-screen transformation on Prime Video. This captivating series brings to life the story of the titular rock band during the 1970s, documenting their triumphs and tribulations, including a turbulent romance inspired in part by Fleetwood Mac’s Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Centered around the world of music, “Daisy Jones & the Six” is enriched with a collection of exceptional songs that enhance the emotional impact, elevating the already compelling narrative of the show to extraordinary levels.

“Schitt’s Creek” stands as a hallmark sitcom of the past decade, garnering significant attention and accolades, evident from its multitude of Emmy nominations and victories. The series traces the journey of the Rose family, who, having lost their fortune, residence, and possessions, relocate to a motel in the town of Schitt’s Creek. Initially portraying entitled and distant characters, the show beautifully unfolds their growth and transformation throughout their stay in Schitt’s Creek. Their evolving personalities and relationships gradually endear them to the audience, leaving a lingering desire for more even after the conclusion of the Schitt’s Creek finale.

“Lost,” despite its polarizing TV finale, is a series that merits a viewing experience for everyone. The story begins with a plane crash on an island, leaving numerous passengers stranded. As they strive for survival and a way back home, a series of inexplicable events unfurl. “Lost” introduces a cascade of enigmas that captivate viewers, although whether the eventual revelations will satiate them remains uncertain. Despite the divisive conclusion, “Lost” has evolved into a modern classic, often nostalgically remembered for its early 2000s run. Its availability on Prime Video offers a chance to introduce the series to a new generation of fans.

“Wheel of Time” brings to Prime Video subscribers an expansive fantasy narrative based on Robert Jordan’s highly acclaimed book series of the same title, brimming with intricate magic and captivating characters. With its 2021 debut, “Wheel of Time” garnered an immense audience, leveraging the existing fan base of Jordan’s novels. Despite alterations from the original books, the series has solidified its position as one of the standout fantasy productions in recent small-screen history. Its ensemble cast contributes to its status as one of Amazon’s premier original shows, and the exploration of themes like good versus evil and balance adds depth and allure.

Amazon’s “Invincible” is an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s eponymous comic series, presenting a dark and mature superhero narrative comparable to “The Boys.” The storyline follows Mark Grayson, a high school student, on his quest to follow in his father’s superheroic footsteps. Mark soon realizes that being a hero comes with its challenges and that not all superheroes embody virtuous qualities. The unflinching manner in which “Invincible” imparts this message forms a compelling reason to watch, supplemented by its insightful discussions on power. Moreover, the series offers a blend of action and humor, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging viewing experience.

One of the more light-hearted selections on this list, Amazon’s “Fleabag,” generated significant buzz after both of its seasons, garnering numerous Emmy nominations and clinching four wins. Brimming with wit and relatability, “Fleabag” chronicles the journey of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s titular character as she navigates relationships and life in the aftermath of losing loved ones. The underpinning grief in this series renders it emotionally charged, yet Fleabag’s escapades never fail to elicit laughter. It adeptly strikes a delicate balance, leaving viewers pondering why Fleabag concluded after just two seasons.

From the creative mind of Amy Sherman-Palladino, the mastermind behind Gilmore Girls, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” is equally captivating as the tale of Rory and Lorelai. Set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the show traces the journey of Miriam “Midge” Maisel following a broken marriage. She embarks on a career in stand-up comedy, leading to a series of unexpected situations. At its essence, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” embodies the spirit of overcoming loss and embracing a proud forward trajectory. Spanning five seasons, the show combines elements of comedy and heart-wrenching moments, offering a diverse and engaging narrative.

American Horror Story” is presently airing its 12th season, and Prime Video offers access to the first 10 seasons of this anthology series. Each season unveils a new horror narrative set in a distinct environment, exploring a range of themes from aliens and witches to haunted houses and circuses. The series boasts a gifted ensemble cast, often portraying various characters across different seasons. “American Horror Story” captivates with its eerie and engaging storytelling, making it an ideal choice for binge-watching on Amazon Prime Video, particularly as the Halloween season approaches.

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