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Hit-Girl vs. Nemesis: The Most R-Rated Superhero Showdown Ever

by Lidia Lucovic

Millarverse Unleashes Epic R-Rated Clash: Hit-Girl vs. Nemesis

Mark Millar, the visionary creator, continues his trend of intertwining his iconic properties within what is now termed the Millarverse, a shared universe where his characters coexist. This expansive continuity made its debut through the crossover series titled “Big Game.” In its upcoming third issue, an intense showdown is on the horizon, featuring a face-off between Kick-Ass’s ferocious Hit-Girl and Millar’s sinister take on Batman, known as Nemesis. This anticipated confrontation promises a visceral and gory battle of attrition.

League of Comic Geeks recently offered a preview for Big Game #3, a creation by Mark Millar with artwork by Pepe Larraz. The promotional description ominously asserts, “Nemesis is murdering his way through all your favorite Millarworld characters.” The Big Game crossover takes characters from diverse Millar titles, including Kingsman and Wanted, and brings them together in this shared universe.

Incorporating the Millarverse’s Signature Grit

The Big Game crossover amalgamates two decades of Mark Millar’s comic book creativity into a cohesive shared continuity. The solicitation for Issue #3 further elaborates, “The Chrononauts are down, but now Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and Huck are in [Nemesis’s] sights. Will the Kingsman spy organization be able to stop him before he follows through on his master’s wishes to wipe every single super off the face of the Earth?” The masterminds behind this sinister scheme are the “Fraternity of Super-Criminals,” introduced in Wanted, with the former protagonist of that series, Wesley Gibson, now at their helm. The opening issue of Big Game introduces Wesley as he enlists the villainous Nemesis to eliminate the newest generation of superheroes.

Hit-Girl’s Potential as Nemesis’s Arch Nemesis Explored

In the inaugural issue of Big Game, Nemesis is depicted targeting the Ambassadors, a fresh superhero team within the Millarverse. Concurrently, Dave Lizewski, the former hero Kick-Ass, reaches out to the Ambassadors, expressing his interest in joining their ranks. The preview for Issue #3 intriguingly notes the plight of the “Chrononauts,” protagonists from Millar’s miniseries of the same name, hinting at their clash with Nemesis in the second installment of the series. Big Game #3 will unite Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and another Millar creation named Huck, a unique interpretation of DC’s Superman.

In line with many of Mark Millar’s works, the Kick-Ass series garnered attention for its audacious violence, particularly epitomized by the character Hit-Girl, the twelve-year-old assassin with an unparalleled intensity. Following her initial appearance, Hit-Girl secured her own ongoing series and is arguably the most formidable figure within the Kick-Ass franchise. Engaging in a showdown against Nemesis will prove to be her ultimate challenge—one that may even lead to her demise. While the early elimination of Hit-Girl from Big Game would be unexpected and potentially unpopular with readers, such a twist aligns with Millar’s penchant for unexpected narrative developments.

Irrespective of the outcome, the impending clash between Nemesis and Hit-Girl undoubtedly promises to deliver one of the most relentless and R-rated comic book battles in the realm of sequential art. Should she endure, Hit-Girl would solidify her status as the most adept combatant in the Millarverse. Conversely, should she emerge triumphant while Nemesis survives, the malevolent billionaire will relentlessly seek vengeance. As a malicious version of Batman, Nemesis has reigned unscathed in his realm. It may be time for Hit-Girl to rise to the occasion and assume the mantle of his heroic arch nemesis, thereby initiating a rivalry that could persist indefinitely.

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