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Marvel: Ranking the 10Most Powerful Mutants from Weakest to Strongest

by Lidia Lucovic


Although often overlooked as a mutant, Namor is indeed classified as one. His powers receive a significant boost underwater, but he remains formidable on land as well. Notably, he possesses immense super-strength comparable to, if not surpassing, that of Colossus.


Rogue is a potent force, capable of absorbing the abilities of other mutants and utilizing them temporarily. However, prolonged absorption leads to a permanent acquisition of those powers, exemplified by her unintentional absorption of Captain Marvel’s abilities.


En Sabah Nur, later identified as Apocalypse, stands as the earliest known mutant, originating thousands of years ago in Ancient Egypt. Immortal and possessing complete control over the molecules within his body, Apocalypse can manipulate his form at will. His abilities encompass shape-shifting, weapon creation, size alteration (both shrinking and colossal growth), rapid healing, and adaptation to diseases or hostile environments. Additionally, he can transfer his consciousness, ensuring his survival by inhabiting different host bodies over millennia.

7、Quentin Quire

Also recognized as Kid Omega, Quentin was first introduced in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men series as a student who ignited a minor revolution challenging Xavier’s ideology. He embarked on a path of murder and domestic terrorism right under Xavier’s watch while still being enrolled at the school, showcasing an exceptional feat for any mutant. An unstable and aggressive individual, Quire’s extraordinary power levels have always unsettled the elder X-Men.

6、Professor X

Professor X stands as one of the most brilliant intellects globally. It’s often emphasized that it’s fortunate he advocates for peace, given the potential for his powers to be profoundly destructive if wielded in such a manner. This notion has been prominently depicted in the X-Men movies, notably in X2 and Logan. In one instance, Xavier grapples with almost eradicating all mutants on Earth, and in the other, the narrative explores the repercussions of the world’s most potent brain losing its former restraint.

5、Jean Grey

Even without the infusion of the Phoenix Force, Jean Grey ranks as one of the most formidable telepaths worldwide. As an Omega-level mutant, her psychic abilities are exceptionally potent. In her youth, Professor X deemed her potential so immense that he opted to suppress her telepathic powers entirely, gradually reintroducing them at a later stage.

4、Franklin Richards

Franklin Richards, the offspring of Sue and Reed Richards, known as Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic from the Fantastic Four, possesses extraordinary mutant abilities. These include the capability to manifest any thought or desire into reality and even craft his very own pocket universe. He holds the power to bend and distort reality according to his volition. Franklin, while still young and in the process of mastering his powers, demonstrates potential that could be boundless. However, his power not yet being fully realized keeps him from securing the top spot on this ranking.


Witch In terms of pure theoretical potency, the Scarlet Witch arguably stands as the most formidable among this group. As a Class 5 mutant, she expertly wields her Chaos Magic, granting her the capacity to manipulate the entirety of the Earth-616 realm with exceptional precision—an immensely significant feat in its own right.


David Haller, the son of Professor X, has gained significant recognition, particularly due to the TV series Legion. David’s powers manifest as dissociative identity disorder, with each persona possessing a distinct set of his numerous abilities. Notably, his ailment stems from his mind struggling to comprehend his immense power. He wields the capacity to manipulate minds, draw individuals into his own consciousness, control matter, time travel, shape-shift, phase through objects, and generate energy.


In the Marvel universe, no mutant is as dreaded as the formidable Onslaught. This menacing psionic entity emerged from the combined consciousness of Charles Xavier and Magneto. The resulting amalgam gradually eroded Xavier’s psyche until he succumbed, giving birth to the malevolent entity known as Onslaught.

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