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Moon Knight’s Unprecedented Might – Officially Pierces Iron Man’s Armor

by scenesing

Marvel Unveils Moon Knight’s Unrivaled Power to Penetrate Iron Man’s Armor

“Within the inaugural edition of the anthology Marvel Zombies: Black, White, and Blood, Moon Knight, in collaboration with his celestial patron Khonshu, aids a city besieged by a zombie epidemic. Their efforts face an unexpected obstacle when confronted by a zombified Iron Man. In a dire confrontation, Moon Knight deploys his ultimate assault against Tony Stark.

Titled ‘Deliverance’ and featured in Marvel Zombies: Black, White, and Blood #1, the narrative is crafted by Ashley Allen with artwork by Justin Mason. Moon Knight, accompanied by Khonshu, is engaged in evacuating civilians from the city. A zombie-infected Iron Man, accompanied by Anubis, launches an assault on Moon Knight, transmitting the zombie contagion to him. As the infection spreads, Moon Knight implores Khonshu’s aid in resisting Iron Man. Gradually gaining the upper hand and compelling Anubis to depart, Moon Knight unleashes relentless force, ultimately breaching Iron Man’s armor in a brutal encounter, resulting in his demise.

Iron Man’s Legendary Armor: Almost Indestructible

“Over the course of 60 years since his initial introduction, Iron Man has evolved through various iterations of armors, progressing from the rudimentary initial models to the sophisticated Extremis armor. These technological marvels stand as the epitome of innovation, reflective of one of Earth’s most brilliant minds. Iron Man has crafted a diverse array of suits suited for multifarious purposes, even ones specifically tailored for space travel. Undoubtedly, Iron Man’s armors constitute a vital extension of his identity, yet Moon Knight effortlessly breached one as if it posed no barrier.

Moon Knight’s Unleashed Power and Its Implications

“Moon Knight’s display of strength was truly remarkable. Upon encountering the zombie Iron Man, the armor appeared unharmed initially, and in the ensuing confrontation, Tony Stark landed substantial blows on Marc, ultimately infecting him as a zombie. Moon Knight’s restrained response was due to his refusal to completely yield to Khonshu’s influence. Marc deliberately restrained his force until Iron Man posed a direct threat to a group of nocturnal travelers, falling within Moon Knight’s guardianship, prompting his full, relentless assault on Iron Man. The result was Moon Knight effectively dismantling Iron Man’s armor and bringing about Tony’s demise.

While this narrative unfolds in an alternate reality, it hints that Moon Knight could potentially replicate this extraordinary feat in the Earth-616 universe. Previous encounters between Iron Man and Moon Knight have never escalated to such dire circumstances as those depicted in this account. If a confrontation were to occur in the Earth-616 realm, Moon Knight could tap into Khonshu’s formidable power. Though Moon Knight’s full potential is seldom showcased, this particular event, driven by a necessity for survival, exemplifies the potency of Moon Knight’s capabilities and the potential to overpower Iron Man.

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