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Optimal Skills to Prioritize Unblocking in Ghostrunner 2

by scenesing

Enhancing Jack’s Abilities in Ghostrunner 2 In Ghostrunner 2, skill chips are pivotal for improving Jack’s capabilities. These chips can be procured using Data obtained during missions and are applied within the GR Augmentation Unit. Each chip belongs to a distinct category and holds varying memory storage, limiting simultaneous usage of all chips.

Certain chips remain inaccessible until later stages in the storyline, urging players to retain spare data for crucial acquisitions. Premature spending might lead to unnecessary skill accumulation and potential data wastage. Alternatively, players can opt to accumulate surplus data, preventing any outright deficits.

1.Accelerating Movement with Flow Booster

Flow Booster, categorized under Flow-related skill chips, is obtainable for 9,000 data and consumes seven memory slots. This chip enhances movement speed by 5% per multiplier in the combo counter, potentially elevating speed to 125% or even 150%. However, leveraging its benefits demands adept combat skills and a keen sense of when to string together enemy kills.

While Flow Booster significantly benefits seasoned players, it might overwhelm novices commencing Ghostrunner 2. Sustaining a high combo count is necessary to maintain momentum, and its effectiveness diminishes in the absence of adversaries. Yet, even at 105% movement speed, the added agility can provide a slight edge in combat, proving advantageous in challenging situations.

2.Enhancing Stamina with Hydraulics Adjustments Hydraulics

Adjustments stands out as an advantageous Traversal skill in Ghostrunner 2. It requires an investment of 5,500 data and occupies three memory slots. This chip significantly reduces the stamina consumption of dashing by 15%, a vital enhancement considering dashing as the primary means of movement, especially for beginners.

Pairing Hydraulics Adjustments with other skill chips can help alleviate associated penalties. Placing it in the same column as Ghost Thrusters provides a mere 5% reduction in total stamina. Moreover, if already utilizing Rooting, it allows greater flexibility in chip placement. Incorporating Hydraulics Adjustments in most chip layouts or crafting an entire build around it is a recommended approach.

3.Ghost Thrusters Amplifies Dashing Capabilities

Another Traversal skill, Ghost Thrusters, also demands 5,500 data and necessitates four available memory slots. In combat scenarios, dashing renders the player invincible to melee and projectile attacks, offering an advantage against unpredictable adversaries, even in challenging boss fights involving rapid attacks. Nevertheless, this skill increases the stamina cost of dashing by an additional 10%.

Although the added stamina cost might seem unfavorable, it can be mitigated through strategic chip combinations. Aligning Ghost Thrusters with other chips focusing on stamina enhancement, such as Adrenaline Injector and Hydraulics Adjustments, proves effective when frequently in motion and swiftly eliminating adversaries.

4.Strategic Mobility with Tactical Retreat

Tactical Retreat represents one of the numerous Traversal skills in Ghostrunner 2, requiring an investment of 5,000 data and utilizing five memory slots. This skill enables a backward dash that propels the player into the air, offering a swift means of evasion. It also strategically positions the player to execute subsequent actions like throwing shurikens or performing other movement abilities.

However, in specific scenarios, remaining grounded instead of airborne might be preferred, particularly in select fights or while navigating parkour-laden environments. Players aiming to maintain a low-altitude approach for a level might temporarily remove Tactical Retreat, reinserting it for subsequent missions.

5.Customization with Rooting for Unique Builds

Rooting, categorized as a System skill chip, demands 12,000 data and monopolizes a full 8 memory slots. Its primary function involves removing the category constraints of other skill chips placed on Jack’s Motherboard. This allows for the creation of distinctive builds by grouping five or six chips of a particular type in a separate column. It also enables access to all possible bonuses related to the chip’s position at the top of a column or when adjacent slots are unoccupied.

Despite enabling customization, Rooting does not offer direct bonuses and significantly utilizes memory space. Consequently, during boss fights such as facing Ahriman, players may opt for more conventional and straightforward chip configurations.

6.Adrenaline Injector Sustains Stamina Levels

As one of the two Rootkit skills, Adrenaline Injector necessitates 6,500 data and consumes four memory slots. Upon defeating an adversary, this skill restores 40% of the maximum stamina. However, it restricts the ability to freely Gap-Jam stunned enemies. In many scenarios, the added stamina is advantageous, especially when confronted by numerous weaker foes, swiftly dispatched.

Pairing Adrenaline Injector with Gap Blinker can compensate for the absence of Gap-Jamming. Instead, this combination positions the player instantly in proximity to the enemy. Alternatively, enhancing the dash’s speed and reducing energy consumption can simulate the effects of Gap-Jamming.

7.Gap Blinker – A Lifesaver When Required

Gap Blinker, a potential Shuriken skill, requires 7,500 data and utilizes seven memory slots. This skill swiftly teleports the player to an enemy upon being struck by a shuriken projectile, serving as a faster and safer alternative to Gap-Jamming or in cases where another skill has disabled Gap-Jamming altogether.

This playstyle facilitates striking and stunning an opponent from a distance, allowing for a swift transition to a close-range attack or other similar moves. However, its utility diminishes if the intention is to maintain a considerable distance or prioritize a different target than the presently stunned foe.

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