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The third season of “The Wheel of Time” on Prime Video presents a valuable opportunity to include the eight storylines missing from the first two seasons of the show.

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The series is based on Robert Jordan’s renowned novel series, which spans 14 volumes. The show has covered three of these volumes so far, with the end of season 2 aligning with the conclusion of the second book, The Great Hunt, and elements of the third book, The Dragon Reborn.

Season 3 is expected to follow the fourth book, The Shadow Rising, but it’s likely that some of the critical missing plot lines from the first three books will also be included. These storylines are essential to the overall narrative and are expected to play a crucial role in future seasons. As such, it’s highly probable that the show will incorporate these eight missing storylines in some way when season 3 finally airs.

Rand Learns Swordsmanship From Lan

In The Wheel of Time series, Lan serves as a crucial mentor and guide for Rand, imparting his knowledge of swordsmanship and helping him develop the skills he needs to face the challenges ahead. While the show has already covered the events of The Great Hunt, Rand’s reunion with Lan at the end of season 2 sets the stage for their training to take place in season 3. This is a pivotal moment for the series, as Rand’s sword skills will play a crucial role in the story’s later developments. As such, it is essential that the show gets this moment right, in order to do justice to the characters and the story as a whole.

Perrin Meets Faile Bashere – His Future Wife

In the books, Faile becomes an important character in Perrin’s life, and their relationship is a significant part of his character development. The show has already established Perrin’s grief and guilt over his wife’s death, making his potential romance with Faile all the more compelling. The chemistry between the two characters will be crucial to the success of this storyline, and the show’s writers will need to carefully balance their relationship with the other plotlines in season 3. If done well, Perrin and Faile’s romance could be a standout moment in The Wheel of Time season 3.

Mat Duels Galad And Gawyn With His Quarterstaff

The Wheel of Time series took a different turn from the books by introducing Perrin’s wife in season 1, only to have her tragically killed while fighting trollocs. However, fans can look forward to a missing romance from the book series between Perrin and Zarine Bashere, who goes by Faile. As Perrin’s story takes him back to the Two Rivers in season 3, it’s likely he will meet Faile for the first time while traveling. Another exciting moment that could happen in season 3 is Mat’s sparring bout with Gawyn Trakand and Galad Damodred, two of the best swordsmen at the White Tower. Mat’s use of a quarterstaff in the season 2 finale could be a hint that this iconic scene from the books will finally make its appearance.

Rand Retrieves Callandor From The Stone Of Tear

One of the most crucial moments missing from The Wheel of Time season 2 is Rand’s retrieval of Callandor from the Stone of Tear, which is a significant event in The Dragon Reborn. Callandor is a powerful sa’angreal that plays a central role in Rand’s final confrontation with the Dark One. Although the season ended with The Great Hunt’s climax, skipping much of The Dragon Reborn, it’s hard to imagine this event being cut entirely.

In season 3, Rand is expected to travel to the Aiel Waste, which would likely take him through Callandor’s home in Tear. Alternatively, the location of Callandor could be changed to the sacred city of Rhuidean in the Aiel Waste if Rand doesn’t travel to Tear. Rand finds the access keys to the two most powerful sa’angreal ever made, the Choedan Kal, in Rhuidean, so it wouldn’t be a significant deviation to place Callandor there as well. While this change may disappoint book fans, it could save the show valuable time.

Thom Merrilin Reunites With Rand

Additionally, Thom’s backstory as a court bard and his connection to the royal family of Cairhien could be explored further in season 3. In the books, Thom becomes involved in a political plot to overthrow the current ruler of Cairhien, and his knowledge of court intrigue proves invaluable to Rand and his allies. This storyline could add an extra layer of complexity to the show’s political landscape and provide more opportunities for character development for both Thom and Rand. Overall, Thom’s return is sure to be a highlight of The Wheel of Time season 3.

Rand Travels To An Alternate World Using A Portal Stone

In The Great Hunt, Rand stumbles upon portal stones that act as gateways to alternate worlds. Although the world he enters through the portal stone is perilous and barren, his initial journey through it enables him to traverse a vast distance that would have been impossible in his own world. With the daunting task of crossing the entire continent to reach the Aiel Waste from his current location in Falme at the end of season 2, utilizing the portal stone as a means of transportation could prove to be a convenient solution. Moreover, it would provide the show with an opportunity to showcase another facet of Jordan’s captivating universe.

Mat Travels To Caemlyn And Meets Queen Morgase

As for Rand, his discovery of portal stones during The Great Hunt could also play a significant role in season 3. These stones act as gateways to alternate worlds, and Rand’s first journey through one allows him to cover far more ground than he could have in his own world. With the Aiel Waste still a long way off from his current position in Falme, traveling via portal stone could be a convenient way of getting him quickly from one place to the next. It would also introduce another aspect of Jordan’s beloved universe to the show.

The Aiel Storm The Stone Of Tear

The Aiel’s assault on the Stone of Tear is one of the most awe-inspiring events in The Dragon Reborn. As it plays a crucial role in the Prophecies of the Dragon, it’s highly probable that it will be included in The Wheel of Time season 3, even though this season is expected to focus on The Shadow Rising. The Stone of Tear is an enormous fortress that has never been conquered before the Aiel’s victory. This remarkable feat is too significant to be omitted, and with the Aiel expected to have a more prominent role in season 3, it’s likely to occur soon.

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