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Revisiting the Conclusion of The Crown Season 6 Following Queen Elizabeth’s Demise

by Lidia Lucovic

The Crown Season 6 is highly anticipated, especially as it marks the final installment of this critically acclaimed series. As the series has evolved over the years, it has masterfully depicted the lives of key members of the British royal family, offering viewers a window into the complexities of both their public roles and personal lives.

This upcoming season is expected to pick up where Season 5 left off, capturing the events spanning from 1997 to 2005. With the conclusion of Season 5 bringing the narrative to the months leading up to Princess Diana’s tragic death, Season 6 is likely to delve into the aftermath of this significant event, albeit without depicting Diana’s death on screen as per the creator’s confirmation.

One of the notable aspects of Season 6 is the portrayal of Prince William and Prince Harry, featuring their teenage and young adult years. The casting of actors Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey to portray different phases of Prince William’s life highlights the attention to detail in character development. Additionally, the narrative is set to encompass Prince William’s pivotal moments, including his introduction to Kate Middleton and the initial stages of their relationship, adding an element of romance to the historical context.

The final episodes of The Crown Season 6 will extend the storyline up to the significant events of 2005. Notably, the series is expected to feature the wedding of Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles. While it is yet to be revealed whether this royal wedding will serve as the series’ grand finale, it undoubtedly holds a key place in the story’s progression.

One intriguing aspect is how the series will bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth since she remains alive within the show’s timeline. The creator, Peter Morgan, has alluded to a respectful farewell, leaving viewers eager to see how this pivotal element of the narrative will be handled.

In conclusion, The Crown Season 6 promises to be a captivating and poignant continuation of the series, delving into significant historical events and personal developments within the royal family. As it is the final chapter, viewers can expect a satisfying and respectful conclusion to this remarkable series.

The Crown creator, Peter Morgan, has disclosed that he modified the conclusion of season 6 following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Premiering on Netflix in 2016, The Crown has meticulously chronicled the lives of prominent figures within the British royal family across several decades. This acclaimed Netflix series is now preparing for the launch of its sixth season, officially confirmed as the final installment.

As the release date for The Crown season 6 draws near, Peter Morgan has shared with Variety that the death of Queen Elizabeth in September of the preceding year, occurring when he was in the final stages of scriptwriting, necessitated alterations to the series’ ending. Although Morgan refrains from divulging the specific conclusion of the show, the demise of a member of the royal family presented him with a distinctive creative challenge.

Anticipating the Conclusion of The Crown

As The Crown’s fifth season culminates, it brings viewers to the months immediately preceding Princess Diana’s tragic demise. The forthcoming season is poised to seamlessly continue the narrative, chronicling events spanning from 1997 to 2005. Season 6 will be released in two installments, with the initial portion delving into the events leading up to and following Princess Diana’s passing, portrayed by Elizabeth DeBicki in the series. Peter Morgan has affirmed that Diana’s death will not be portrayed on screen.

Numerous uncertainties surround the content of the second batch of episodes, although it is confirmed that both Prince William and Prince Harry will feature in season 6. Prince William will be depicted during his adolescence and early adulthood, with Rufus Kampa and Ed McVey assuming the roles of the younger and older William, respectively. The storyline concerning the older William will encompass his introduction to Kate Middleton, portrayed by Meg Bellamy, and the initial stages of their courtship.

The concluding episodes of The Crown will extend the narrative up to the events of 2005, with the union of Prince Charles, portrayed by Dominic West, and Camilla Parker Bowles, portrayed by Olivia Williams, having already been confirmed as a component of the storyline. Whether this royal wedding will serve as the grand, climactic culmination of the show remains uncertain. Furthermore, the manner in which The Crown pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth, who remains alive within the show’s timeline, is yet to be revealed. Nonetheless, Peter Morgan’s most recent statement implies that viewers can expect a respectful and fitting farewell.

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