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Ranking Every Red Hood Love Interest by Compatibility

by Lidia Lucovic

Red Hood stands as one of the most intense and intricate members within the Batman Family. Jason Todd, who initially struggled with significant issues, displayed a merciless disposition from the outset, even shocking Batman with his approach. Todd met what appeared to be his demise at the hands of the Joker, only to be resurrected years later as the Red Hood.

Despite Red Hood’s journey down a dark path, he has navigated several romantic relationships over time. Presented below are his relationships, assessed and ranked based on compatibility.

Donna Troy

Shortly after Red Hood’s return to the realm of the living, he developed a friendship with Donna Troy, joining her on a quest to safeguard the multiverse during the year-long ‘Countdown to Final Crisis.’ Throughout the series, the two engaged in significant flirtation, but despite the chemistry, they opted to remain friends. Donna emerged as one of the first supportive figures for Red Hood upon his revival, yet their differing natures prevented a deeper connection. Considering Red Hood’s abandonment of lethal methods and firearms, a reunion with Donna could be a possibility.

Lady Blackhawk

Similar to Empress, Lady Blackhawk engaged in a relationship with Red Hood within an alternate timeline. As the inaugural female member of the Blackhawks, Lady Blackhawk journeyed from the past to our contemporary era upon joining the Birds of Prey. In the Lil’ Gotham series, Red Hood and Lady Blackhawk collaborated to neutralize criminals, culminating in their agreement to go on a date. Despite this occurring within a family-friendly setting, both Red Hood and Lady Blackhawk exhibit a readiness to resort to lethal measures, which seemingly makes them a compatible pair.

Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul’s association with Red Hood poses multifaceted complications, notwithstanding her role in his revival. Firstly, she stands as one of Batman’s profound romantic connections, potentially leading to unnecessary tensions with his mentor. Secondly, Talia significantly surpasses Red Hood in age by more than a century. Nonetheless, she found him alluring and engaged in an intimate relationship with him shortly after his revival in one of her father’s Lazarus Pits. While Ra’s al Ghul has long pursued Batman as his successor, he also envisions potential for Red Hood to assume a similar position.


Introduced during the New 52 era, Essence, who made her debut in Red Hood and the Outlaws #1, fought alongside Jason as members of the All-Caste for an extended period. Their proximity led to the development of a robust bond, eventually leading to a romantic involvement. Nonetheless, Essence’s betrayal of the All-Caste strained her relationship with Red Hood, culminating in their separation. Despite the fallout, Essence remains one of Red Hood’s significant romantic affiliations. Reconciliation could lead to a promising relationship, given their history and connection.

Isabel Ardila

Isabel’s relationship with Red Hood proved to be one of his more stable connections, largely due to her acceptance of his alter ego as Red Hood. As a flight attendant, they crossed paths while Jason was traveling abroad, and their relationship unfolded in the pages of Red Hood and the Outlaws. Despite its solid footing, their relationship faced insurmountable challenges that arose from dating a superhero, especially following an encounter with the Joker targeting her. Should Red Hood decide to step away from a life of crime-fighting, Isabel stands as a potential ideal partner.


As another member of the Outlaws, Artemis briefly engaged in a relationship with Red Hood. Artemis, a former substitute for Wonder Woman, harbored profound feelings for Red Hood, reciprocated by him. Throughout their missions, Red Hood frequently flirted with Artemis, and the duo even went on several dates, yet circumstances prevented a sustained connection. Their separation was regrettable, given their remarkable synergy. There existed a palpable chemistry between them, and reconciliation could reignite their past romance.


Red Hood’s arguably most meaningful relationship was with Ravager, the daughter of Deathstroke. Both shared the experience of coping with demanding paternal figures and an unflinching willingness to resort to lethal measures. Their relationship primarily unfolded through flashbacks, indicating their current estrangement, but the glimpses offered to fans portrayed a profound and special bond between them. Ravager and Red Hood’s relationship spanned not only the mainstream DC Universe but also extended into the world of DCeased. In a comprehensive evaluation, Ravager emerges as the most fitting choice for Red Hood.


The allure of opposites drawing together was exemplified in the relationship between Supergirl and Red Hood. Their initial encounter took place during the New 52 era, collaborating with Superman and Batman on a space mission, leading to subsequent joint endeavors. Despite an undeniable chemistry, a romantic association failed to materialize primarily due to Supergirl’s strong moral principles, particularly her aversion to killing, which sharply contrasts with Red Hood’s methods.

Barbara Gordon

Throughout the years, various creators have hinted at a potential romantic entanglement between Barbara Gordon and Red Hood. Jason and Barbara have engaged in flirtatious exchanges, and their interactions nearly led to dating during the Batman: Three Jokers miniseries, yet this prospect was never actualized. Instead, Barbara and Red Hood opted to maintain a platonic friendship, a dynamic that persists to this day. With Batgirl now reconciled with Nightwing, a reunion with Red Hood seems improbable, as it could incite significant discord with Dick.

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