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Stephen Amell, Star of “Heels” and “Arrow,” Criticizes Actors’ Strike as “Incredibly Frustrating”

by Lidia Lucovic

Stephen Amell, star of “Heels” and “Arrow,” has expressed strong criticism for the ongoing actors’ strike. Similar to the Writers Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) is currently involved in a strike. The official strike was called on July 13 after negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) failed. SAG-AFTRA is seeking various improvements, including higher wages, regulations for the use of AI, and better residuals for streaming projects. However, as the AMPTP has refused to come back to the negotiating table and make concessions, all actors within SAG are now picketing instead of working on camera.

While many actors have publicly expressed strong support for the strike, Stephen Amell does not share the same sentiment. During a recent appearance at Galaxycon (reported by Deadline), the former Arrowverse star confessed that he does not support the SAG-AFTRA strike, although he claims to stand with his fellow actors. He described the strike as “incredibly frustrating” and expressed his view that it is a reductive tactic in negotiations. He also believes that the approach may not be well-suited for shows like the one he stars in, “Heels,” which premiered recently.

Stephen Amell’s Remarks on the Actors Strike Trigger Backlash

Stephen Amell’s recent remarks on the ongoing actors strike have sparked significant criticism and gone viral on social media. Many individuals have responded with strong critiques of Amell’s views on the strike. While it is understandable that Amell may feel frustrated with the strike’s impact on his show “Heels,” which recently returned to Starz, his comments have been met with mixed reactions.

The strike prevents Amell from participating in interviews or promotional events for “Heels,” and he cannot use his social media to promote the series. For an actor eager to share their work with audiences, this limitation must be disheartening.

However, it is essential to note that Amell is not the only one facing challenges due to the strike. Numerous projects scheduled for release in the coming weeks and months will be without their casts’ public support. For instance, Disney’s recent Haunted Mansion had a red carpet premiere without the actors’ presence. The success of a strike depends on unified determination among all participants to achieve their desired terms, and this often necessitates making sacrifices. Amell’s comments may inadvertently provide the AMPTP with a sense of victory in their search for weaknesses within the strike.

Despite Amell’s stance, many other performers have demonstrated unwavering support for the actors strike. Esteemed actors like Rachel McAdams, Bob Odenkirk, and Lupita Nyong’o have actively participated in picketing, and many others have contributed to various funds and promoted the strike on social media. As of now, the AMPTP has not shown any indication of returning to the negotiation table, and studios are reconsidering the release schedules for some fall productions. With the ongoing writers strike, Hollywood remains at a standstill, but the cause behind these strikes is recognized as a significant one.

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