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Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Update Amid Ongoing Actor Strike

by Lidia Lucovic

Stranger Things Season 5 Filming Update Amid Continuing Actor Strike

Producer and director Shawn Levy provides an exciting update on the production of Stranger Things season 5. This highly anticipated final season of Netflix’s immensely popular series has encountered substantial delays attributed to concurrent strikes by both writers and actors. While the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike has recently concluded, allowing the Stranger Things writers to resume their work on season 5, production remains indefinitely postponed until the resolution of the ongoing strike led by the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA).

With the conclusion of the writers strike, Shawn Levy provided an exciting update on Stranger Things Season 5 during a recent interview with The Wrap. The producer and director mentioned, “The Duffer brothers have been diligently working since the writer’s strike concluded,” and they plan to commence filming “shortly after the actors’ strike is resolved.” Additionally, Levy noted their involvement in various projects, including the imminent opening of the Stranger Things stage play in London. He expressed their eagerness to return to production, emphasizing the impact of the strikes on numerous crew members’ livelihoods. Here is his comprehensive statement:

We are aiming to initiate filming at the earliest opportunity. However, it is essential to resolve the actors’ strike first. The Duffer brothers have been diligently working since the conclusion of the writers’ strike. We are engaged on multiple fronts, particularly with our Stranger Things play soon to debut in London. It’s truly fantastic and remarkable. We are eager to proceed – our cast, our crew. It is imperative not only because many hundreds of crew members have been unable to sustain themselves since the strikes commenced, but we will promptly commence shooting once the actors’ strike comes to an end.

Following the tentative agreement between the WGA and AMPTP, the writers of Stranger Things expressed their jubilation on Twitter with the message “We’re back.” This celebratory declaration marked the resumption of work on the scripts for season 5. Furthermore, it has been reported that Netflix is placing a high priority on Stranger Things season 5 due to the natural aging of the show’s young stars. Subsequently, the tentative deal between the WGA and AMPTP was officially ratified through a vote, thereby bringing an end to the writers’ strike. In alignment with the broader industry, the writers of Stranger Things now stand in anticipation, hoping for a fair resolution between SAG-AFTRA and the studios.

Although the writers of Stranger Things have returned to work on season 5 several weeks ago, the other vital component of production remains shrouded in uncertainty. According to Levy, filming will commence soon after the actors’ strike concludes, though the precise end date of the strike remains unclear. Unfortunately, the most recent update casts a shadow over the prospects of the actors’ strike, as negotiations between SAG-AFTRA and the AMPTP faltered, leaving both parties seemingly farther apart from reaching a resolution than when the process began. A potential silver lining is that Stranger Things season 5 will have ample time to refine its scripts before entering the production phase.

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