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“Succession” Season 4, Episode 8 Recap & Ending Analysis: Unraveling 6 Election Night Twists

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“Succession” Season 4, Episode 8: Unveiling Six Election Night Twists

The eighth episode of “Succession” Season 4 marked a pivotal juncture in the series, propelling the narrative towards its climax. With a focus on the intense election night storyline, the episode unfolded six significant twists and revelations. As the explosive final season of “Succession,” Season 4 intensified its momentum in the concluding episodes. Titled “America Decides,” Episode 8 emerged as one of the most riveting and consequential installments, advancing plotlines while laying the groundwork for the series’ conclusion.

This episode concluded several lingering storylines in the beloved HBO comedy-drama series, addressing long-standing questions. The rollercoaster ride of Season 4 delved into the complexities of Shiv and Tom’s relationship, intricacies of the GoJo deal, and the shocking demise of the show’s antagonist, Logan Roy. Episode 8 picks up on the eve of Logan’s funeral, coinciding with the night of the presidential election, adding a characteristic layer of tension fueled by conflicting opinions and divergent interests.

A central plotline of Season 4 revolved around the GoJo deal, entangled with Logan Roy’s passing amid Lukas Matsson’s Waystar Royco buyout. While co-CEOs Kendall and Roman Roy opposed the deal, Shiv clandestinely supported it. Throughout the season, Shiv shared confidential information with Matsson, aiming to secure a favorable position at GoJo upon deal closure. The truth, carefully concealed by Shiv, finally surfaces in Episode 8.

Following the events of Episode 7, Greg stumbles upon Shiv’s covert dealings during a night out with Matsson. Choosing to leverage this information, Greg decides to keep it under wraps. However, his discretion is short-lived, as he discloses Shiv’s collusion to Kendall towards the end of Episode 8. This revelation coincides with Kendall uncovering another of Shiv’s falsehoods, intensifying his emotional response. While Kendall and Roman’s reaction may be perceived as impulsive, their genuine hurt at Shiv’s betrayal leaves a significant cliffhanger, signifying the unraveling of Shiv’s world.

Mencken’s Presidential Declaration by ATN (& Tom’s Decision)

The eighth episode of “Succession” Season 4 places the presidential contest between Republican Jeryd Mencken and Democrat Daniel Jiménez at its narrative forefront. The closely contested race becomes a focal point, particularly revolving around the decisive results from Wisconsin. However, a significant obstacle arises when one of Wisconsin’s polling centers experiences a fire, resulting in the burning of an indeterminate number of ballots. Despite Mencken holding a lead up to that point, the assumption is that the incinerated ballots could have shifted the state’s outcome, potentially favoring Jiménez for the presidency.

Simultaneously, within the ATN network, pivotal decisions rest with the Roy siblings and Tom. Shiv advocates for a cautious approach, suggesting that ATN should withhold calling the race until the impact of the Wisconsin votes is clarified. In contrast, Roman, driven by his conservative political stance, argues that ATN should promptly declare Mencken as the winner. Ultimately, the responsibility of this decision falls on Tom, who, after careful consideration, opts to announce Mencken as the victor.

Roman’s Strategic Support for Mencken and the GoJo Deal

Each Roy sibling harbors distinct perspectives on the election, with Roman, the conservative voice among them, strongly favoring Republican candidate Jeryd Mencken. Roman and Mencken’s pre-existing relationship, cultivated throughout Season 4, plays a role in Roman’s political alignment. However, the primary motivation behind Roman’s support is Mencken’s commitment to thwart the GoJo deal if elected president. Recognizing that preventing Matsson’s acquisition of Waystar Royco aligns with his objectives, Roman strategically utilizes Mencken as a means to achieve this goal.

Kendall’s Dilemma in the Presidential Race and Alignment with Roman

In contrast to Roman’s staunch support for Mencken and Shiv’s endorsement of Jiménez, Kendall’s stance on the presidential race has been marked by internal conflict. Balancing competing considerations, Kendall recognizes that Mencken’s victory would block the GoJo deal, securing his position as the CEO of Waystar Royco. Simultaneously, he harbors concerns about Mencken’s political ideology, perceiving him as a potential threat, particularly to his daughter.

Kendall’s decisive moment occurs when Shiv’s deceit is exposed, prompting him to align with Roman and throw his support behind Mencken. This pivotal choice underscores Kendall’s prioritization of financial interests over ideological concerns, offering a foreshadowing glimpse into his behavior leading up to the finale.

Connor’s Withdrawal from the Presidential Race for Recompense

Throughout Succession Season 4, Connor Roy assumes the role of the libertarian presidential candidate, although realistic victory eludes him. With the realization that his voter base is impacting Mencken’s chances, Roman persuades Connor to withdraw from the race on election night. Initially resistant, Connor eventually concedes in exchange for rewards from Roman and Mencken, entertaining hopes of securing a governmental position in Slovenia. However, Connor’s parting words during his concession speech stir up his voter base to a potentially volatile extent.

Shiv Discloses Pregnancy to Tom Amidst Strained Relationship

A prevalent theory throughout Succession Season 4 revolved around Shiv’s potential pregnancy, speculating on the prospect of her having Tom’s baby by the season’s conclusion. The speculation proves accurate, as Shiv reveals her pregnancy to Tom in the eighth episode. This disclosure transpires within the context of a heated argument, serving as a deliberate attempt by Shiv to inflict emotional harm on Tom. This poignant moment encapsulates the profound deterioration of the once-happy couple since the inception of Succession, with Shiv’s revelation foreshadowing the intricate dynamics that will unfold in the aftermath.

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