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The Unlikely Betrayal: Guts from Berserk Faces a Devastating Turn of Events

by scenesing

In a startling turn of events, Rickert, a former survivor of the Band of the Hawk, has seemingly orchestrated a betrayal against Guts, resulting in the latter’s capture in the latest chapter of Berserk. While the preceding installment may have initially offered a glimmer of hope as Rickert appeared disguised among Kushan soldiers after taking control of Guts’ vessel, the latest developments have shattered any optimism.

Chapter #375 of the late Kentaro Miura’s Berserk, presented by Studio Gaga, unfolds with Rickert realizing the captive in the hands of Kushan soldiers is none other than Guts. In a pivotal moment, Rickert unveils his identity, informing a restrained Guts that, unfortunately, their vessel has intruded into Kushan waters. Consequently, both Guts and his crew will be subject to seizure by the Kushans.

The subsequent actions depict the Kushan army carrying out the seizure, with Rickert observing the entire process without intervening or advocating for his former ally. While Guts has endured betrayals in the past, the recent twist orchestrated by Rickert is particularly shocking, akin to a knife being unexpectedly thrust deeper into Guts’ vulnerabilities.

Rickert Permits Guts’ Capture by the Kushan Army

Upon Rickert’s initial appearance as a Kushan warrior in Berserk Chapter #374, there lingered the possibility of him operating in an undercover capacity. Despite his tentative alliance with the Kushan Silat, the absence of Silat in Chapter #374 fueled speculation that Rickert might be concealing his true identity to clandestinely aid Guts. However, the subsequent events in Chapter #375 dispel this hope, as Rickert unveils himself by removing his helmet and conversing with Guts in the Midland language. This action signifies that the Kushans are aware of Rickert’s identity, and he chooses not to conceal his knowledge of the prisoners.

While it remains conceivable that Rickert’s actions are constrained to some degree, the likelihood diminishes, given his apparent issuance of orders to the Kushans upon recognizing the prisoners. Following some undisclosed communication with his comrades, a subset of soldiers brandish weapons and release the bonds of the captives. Notably, Guts still appears to be physically restrained by the chapter’s conclusion. Additionally, Rickert’s use of “we” when referring to himself and the Kushan army, as opposed to “they,” is noteworthy. This choice of pronoun implies Rickert’s alignment with the Kushans, effectively signaling his involvement in the seizure of the vessel.

Berserk has Charted Divergent Courses for Guts and Rickert

Nevertheless, this development gains heightened significance when considering Rickert’s earlier observation, highlighted in Chapter #339, where he drew attention to the parallels between his journey and the path Guts had undertaken during their last encounter. Presently, Rickert’s trajectory sharply diverges from the challenges Guts is currently facing. Berserk enthusiasts are undeniably eager to unravel the narrative threads that led Rickert to his current position alongside Guts, especially after their dramatic escape from Griffith’s Capital City of Falconia.

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