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X-Men’s Messiah Now Gets the Opportunity to Fulfill Her Title

by Lidia Lucovic

After an orchestrated assault by the Orchis organization during this year’s X-Men Hellfire Gala, Hope Summers, the revered mutant figure, was inadvertently transported, alongside Exodus and Destiny, through a manipulated Krakoan Gateway. This resulted in their confinement within a desolate desert, accompanied by a quarter of a million distressed mutants struggling for survival, as depicted in Immortal X-Men #14.

In the midst of the aggressive incursion by the anti-mutant group, Dr. Stasis employed insidious tactics to coerce Charles Xavier into forcefully channeling a multitude of mutants through the Krakoan Gateways spanning the globe. Contrary to Xavier’s belief, as evidenced in Immortal X-Men #14, a creative collaboration between writer Kieron Gillen and artist Lucas Werneck, the act of funneling these mutants through the portals did not prove fatal. Instead, it marooned them in an unfamiliar desert landscape, with Exodus emerging as their newfound leader.

Hope and Exodus: A Synergetic Leadership Dynamic for a Mutant Devotee Faction

Exodus, an Omega-level psychic mutant rooted in faith, compelled Hope and the remaining members of the Five to traverse a Gateway during the Hellfire Gala, driven by the intent to shield his perceived “messiah” from Orchis’ threat. While the other members of the Five seemingly did not share the same fate of desert exile, Exodus and Hope found themselves united in this unforeseen environment. Although Hope’s role as a messianic leader guiding the resurrections of mutants has been established, she has often grappled with doubts about her entitlement to the title of mutant messiah. Hence, collaborating with Exodus to forge a leadership role within a mutant adherent community could potentially provide the sense of validation she seeks.

Exodus, a mutant possessing immense psychic prowess intertwined with faith-based amplification, is ideally suited to spearhead a mutant following, as evident from his past leadership of the erstwhile Acolytes of Magneto. His abilities thrive in proportion to the devotion his followers invest in him, a phenomenon illustrated during his prior tenure as a cult leader. Similarly to the transformation of Bennet du Paris into the virtually immortal Exodus during the 12th century, after encountering the ancient being Apocalypse in a desert locale and experiencing augmentation through Celestial-imbued En Sabah Nur, his narrative arc has consistently been steeped in religious allegory.

The current circumstance of desert exile appears to be the culmination of Exodus’ trajectory. Recently, the relationship between Hope and her guardian, Exodus, has strained due to his revealed betrayal within the context of the Sins of Sinister timeline. Consequently, their interactions within this critical juncture present a compelling dimension to observe.

In summation, the scenario has unveiled an opportunity for Hope to embrace her messianic mantle fully, while aligning with Exodus as co-leaders of a mutant devotee community. The charismatic Exodus, with his symbiotic relationship between psychic capabilities and devotion, stands as an apt figurehead for such a movement, evoking parallels to both historical and mythological narratives within the mutant saga.

A Potential Reentry Point for Apocalypse into the X-Men Comic Universe

Implications suggest that Apocalypse’s imminent return to Earth from the infernal realm of Amenth is forthcoming. Notably, the cover of Immortal X-Men #16 features Apocalypse adorned in Egyptian attire, accompanied by a fiery embodiment of the Phoenix Force in the form of a raptor. The intimate connection between Hope Summers and the Phoenix Force adds intrigue to this situation, with Immortal X-Men #5 illustrating how Bennet Du Paris’ initial encounter with Apocalypse in the 12th century desert involved a manifestation of the Phoenix Force. Furthermore, prior issues have depicted Destiny’s prophetic insight into Exodus assuming the leadership of a mutant cult. Evidently, an intricate convergence looms ahead as Hope, Exodus, the Phoenix Force, and Apocalypse intersect within the desert landscape, possibly paving the way for the emergence of an ardently faith-driven mutant society.

The longstanding X-Men figure of the “mutant messiah,” Hope Summers, appears poised to manifest as a genuine biblical-messianic entity, albeit potentially overshadowed by the ancient personages of Exodus and Apocalypse, whose formidable abilities are set to clash during their desert exile.

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