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In Transformers’ New Continuity, The Decepticons Emerge Victorious

by Lidia Lucovic

Skybound’s upcoming Transformers series is slated for debut in October 2023. However, the publisher has already disclosed a pivotal development: the Autobots led by Optimus Prime will find themselves in a dire situation within the Energon Universe. This revelation comes from Void Rivals #4, where Decepticon Shockwave assumes control over Cybertron, strongly suggesting that the Decepticons emerged victorious in the ancient Cybertronian war.

Skybound astonished fans by announcing their acquisition of the Transformers license, a surprise that unfolded with Jetfire’s unexpected appearance in Void Rivals #1. Now, they’ve added another layer of shock with the introduction of a significant Transformer character in the Energon Universe. The revelation of Shockwave in Void Rivals #4, brought to life by Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo de Felici, Matheus Lopes, and Rus Wooten, holds immense significance. Notably, it affirms the triumph of the Decepticons in the war.

In this installment, Shockwave emerges on Cybertron precisely when a Skuxxoid bounty hunter attempts to trade a bounty with the Decepticons. Shockwave denies the transaction, citing insufficient resources.

The Decepticons taking control of Cybertron due to Optimus Prime’s setbacks has been hinted at since the announcement of the Energon Universe. Confirming this storyline is a significant revelation, intensifying the anticipation for the upcoming Transformers series penned and illustrated by Daniel Warren Johnson, with colorist Mike Spicer. This narrative setup evokes the essence of the original G1 Transformers cartoon, portraying a group of Autobots and Decepticons stranded on Earth following the monumental Cybertronian war.

During this phase, Shockwave assumed command over the remaining Decepticons on Cybertron while Megatron pursued Optimus Prime across the universe in search of more Energon. This solidifies Skybound’s profound inspiration from the Transformers’ G1 era, a strategic direction for the franchise. Initiating the new series with Optimus Prime and the Autobots grappling with the aftermath of losing the Cybertronian war provides an excellent foundation, compelling them to confront the triumphant Decepticons against all odds.

The future trajectory of the Energon Universe era remains uncertain, leaving room for speculation. Skybound has undoubtedly ignited immense enthusiasm among fans. By closely intertwining another Hasbro property, G.I. Joe, with the Transformers universe, the creators have ingeniously rejuvenated both franchises, generating an unparalleled level of excitement.

The Decepticons are a fictional faction of sentient transforming robotic beings in the Transformers franchise. Originally conceived as the main antagonists to the Autobots, their counterparts, the Decepticons are typically depicted as power-hungry, ruthless, and led by Megatron. The faction’s primary goal is to establish a new order in the universe with themselves at the helm, often seeking to conquer Cybertron and expand their dominion across the galaxy.

Key characteristics of Decepticons include their ability to transform into various mechanical forms, especially vehicles and weaponry. This transforming ability grants them a tactical advantage, enabling surprise attacks and versatile combat strategies. Decepticons are known for their military structure and advanced weaponry, often prioritizing firepower and aggression in their confrontations with the Autobots.

Throughout the Transformers storyline, the Decepticons’ motives and leadership may vary based on the series or iteration. Some members may possess a sense of honor and loyalty to their cause, while others might be motivated purely by self-interest or loyalty to Megatron. The dynamics within the Decepticon ranks often involve power struggles and alliances, showcasing a complex and multifaceted group.

In popular culture, Decepticons have become iconic symbols, representing the darker side of technology, war, and the consequences of unchecked ambition. Their conflict with the Autobots has been a central theme in various media, spanning animated TV series, comic books, movies, and video games, capturing the imagination of audiences for decades.

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