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One Piece Just Delivered the Most Compelling Backstory for Koby, Yet It Went Unnoticed by Fans

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Koby has evolved into one of the most cherished characters in One Piece, growing alongside Luffy. However, a recently unveiled backstory has further endeared him to fans. Author Eiichiro Oda, known for providing intriguing details about the One Piece world in each manga volume’s Q & A section (SBS), shared a captivating backstory in Volume #107. This narrative sheds light on Koby’s past, revealing an epic, undocumented battle that adds depth to this beloved character.

The Future Island arc has presented numerous compelling stories beyond Vegapunk’s Egghead Island, one of which involves Garp and SWORD’s dramatic rescue of Koby from Blackbeard’s base on Hachinosu. Within this arc, a SWORD member named Hibari, armed with a teddy bear and remarkable sniper skills, played a crucial role in saving Koby. The SBS in Volume #107 discloses the heartfelt connection between Koby and Hibari.

Highlighted by content creator and passionate One Piece fan Artur, a question regarding the teddy bear carried by Hibari during Koby’s rescue unravels a touching relationship between the two SWORD members. The backstory unveils why she affectionately named the bear Koby-senpai, portraying Luffy’s rival in a light that surpasses even the Admirals in One Piece.

Koby’s Actions Win Hibari’s Heart and Earn Respect from One Piece Fans

In every reappearance within the One Piece narrative, Koby consistently enhances his skills and reputation among the Marines. However, the manga didn’t delve into the story of how he risked his life for a teddy bear. SBS #107 unveils that the teddy bear carried by Hibari during the Hachinosu rescue mission was a cherished lucky charm from her childhood. She lost it in the midst of being saved by Koby amid a warzone. Discovering the significance of the bear to Hibari, Koby vanished for a few days, only to return heavily injured, holding the bear. This act significantly altered Hibari’s perception of Koby.

Koby’s actions during the assault on Hachinosu provide a deeper understanding of the strength he has gained under Garp’s guidance and underscore the importance of the pink-haired Marine to his fellow SWORD members. Hibari, Helmeppo, and even Vice Admiral Garp risked their lives to rescue Koby from one of the most perilous places in the One Piece world, infested by formidable Devil Fruit users. The newly revealed backstory effectively elevates Koby’s character, showcasing him as an individual whose actions inspire those around him, akin to Luffy. This stands in contrast to the current leadership within the Marine organization.

Koby’s Adventures Deserve the Animated Treatment

It is exceptionally rare to encounter a narrative with such an intricately detailed world and a cast of endearing characters that the story itself cannot fully explore due to time limitations. Eiichiro Oda’s responses in the manga volumes of One Piece have spanned from humorous gags to additional lore, captivating the series’ global fanbase even further. As the anime approaches the manga’s current content, there is an opportunity for One Piece to incorporate a compelling filler arc, allowing Oda’s manga to forge ahead. Koby’s mission to rescue Hibari’s teddy bear in a warzone presents itself as an ideal filler arc that One Piece enthusiasts would undoubtedly appreciate.

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