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Ranking the Top 10 Most Iconic TV Show Cars

by scenesing

1.Mini Cooper

Mr. Bean’s comical escapades are perfectly complemented by his equally absurd choice of transportation – the tiny green Mini Cooper. Despite its cramped interior, this iconic car has become synonymous with Mr. Bean, extending its influence to the animated series that followed the original show. Notably, in season 1, episode 9, “Do-It-Yourself Mr. Bean,” Mr. Bean engineers a system to drive the car from an armchair on the roof, creating a memorable moment in the series.

2.Bluth Company Stair Car

Symbolizing the Bluth family’s financial downfall, the stair car from Arrested Development evolves from a luxury boarding platform for the company jet to the family’s sole mode of transportation. The stair car becomes entwined with the show’s narrative, featuring in multiple prison breaks and serving as the scene of a murder. Despite the disdain it elicits from some characters, Michael Bluth remains relatively unperturbed by its quirks. Notably, the stair car makes a subtle appearance in the background of Captain America: Civil War, paying homage to the Russo brothers’ directorial contributions to Arrested Development.

3.Ford Grand Torino

Affectionately known as the “Striped Tomato,” Starsky and Hutch’s red Ford Grand Torino deviates from the typical police vehicle aesthetic but remains the duo’s exclusive mode of transportation. This distinctive vehicle underwent slight modifications for filming, including enhanced suspension and engine upgrades. The car garnered immense popularity, prompting Ford to release a limited edition of these modified versions to meet fan demand. Starsky and Hutch’s on-screen escapades, featuring high-speed chases and daring stunts, contributed to the car’s legendary status. One enduring image, frequently parodied, is that of the detectives sliding across the car’s hood.

4.The Simpsons Family Sedan

Among The Simpsons’ array of memorable vehicles, including the Canyonero and Mr. Plow truck, the enduring pink family sedan has been a constant since the 1980s. Sporting a bent aerial and a dented fender for decades, this resilient car has withstood numerous comedic mishaps, such as a sturgeon falling on its hood from space. Notably, Homer Simpson’s attempt to introduce “speed holes” with a pickaxe caused significant damage. In a humorous revelation in season 28, episode 11, “Pork and Burns,” the sedan was officially identified as a Plymouth Junkerola.


The humorously impractical mode of transportation for the Flintstone family, the Flintmobile, defies logic by being faster than walking despite essentially being a walking vehicle. It carries the added weight of two massive stone cylinders and a wooden frame. Nonetheless, the Flintmobile stands out as an iconic element of The Flintstones, serving as Fred’s chosen means of getting around Bedrock. Even in the movie adaptation featuring John Goodman, which had its shortcomings, the Flintmobile retained its comedic essence, complete with cartoon running sound effects. Elizabeth Banks, acclaimed actor and director of Cocaine Bear, is currently developing an animated Flintstones sequel series titled Bedrock, offering hope for the potential return of the Flintmobile.


The Batmobile has made appearances in various forms, including comics, movies, and TV shows, over the years. Unlike other iconic cars, the Batmobile undergoes constant transformations in its appearance. Adam West’s portrayal of Batman, marked by a lighter tone compared to recent interpretations by Robert Pattinson and Christian Bale, is reflected in his Batmobile. Recent iterations have leaned toward the practicality of an armored tank, prioritizing crime-fighting efficiency over visual flair. West’s Batmobile, characterized by eye-catching red trim and tail fins, remains a subject of ongoing debate about which version is the best. The retro-futuristic style of the 1966 original, however, has aged gracefully and delights fans with its timeless appeal.

7.GMC Vandura

Guided by B. A. Baracus, the A-Team’s van served as the primary mode of transportation, navigating the team from one perilous mission to another while skillfully avoiding law enforcement. More than just a means of getting around, the van also functioned as the team’s mobile arsenal, equipped with a sophisticated surveillance system in the rear. The memorable paint job, accentuated by the distinctive red spoiler on the roof, added to the van’s iconic status. While Face and the team occasionally required discretion and blending in, the van excelled as a formidable battering ram, providing ample opportunities for its dynamic use.


The crime-fighting tandem of a man with impeccable hair and his talking car represents a uniquely vivid embodiment of the American dream, ensuring Knight Rider’s enduring success. Unlike many TV cars that play a crucial role in a show’s identity, K.I.T.T. transcended being a mere vehicle and emerged as a legitimate co-star. As a highly intelligent system, K.I.T.T. is programmed to prioritize the protection of human life, yet this does not always align perfectly with its human partner. Some of Knight Rider’s most compelling episodes revolve around the conflicts between the two, with K.I.T.T. serving as a logical moral compass immune to the pitfalls of human emotion.

9.General Lee

The General Lee from “The Dukes of Hazzard” stands out as the ultimate stunt car of the early 1980s. This modified Dodge Charger endured numerous incredible jumps and crashes, resulting in the destruction of around 300 cars during filming—averaging one per episode. The extensive damage led to a shortage of Dodge Chargers, prompting producers to approach Charger owners on the street to acquire replacement General Lees for the show. While the Confederate flag on the roof has become increasingly controversial, General Lee maintains its significant place in TV history.

10.The Mystery Machine

With its psychedelic flower-power artwork and distinctive silhouette, The Mystery Machine ranks among the most iconic fictional vehicles. While the van may not always play a central role, most episodes of Mysteries Incorporated begin with the gang arriving at a haunted amusement park, rundown hotel, or another eerie destination in the Mystery Machine. Despite its ordinary interior, there’s ample space in the back for crafting enormous sandwiches. The van’s superb design, reminiscent of the 1960s, is the key to its enduring popularity. Despite Velma providing a somewhat disappointing origin story, it is unlikely to diminish the van’s allure significantly.

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