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Revisiting The Boys Season 1: The Scene That Gained Profound Relevance Four Years Later

by Lidia Lucovic

The Boys’ inaugural season contained several distressing scenes, yet one particular scene, by far the most unsettling, has gained profound importance four years later. The series, renowned for its boundary-pushing nature, blends explicit depictions of sexuality and profanity with deeply distressing story arcs. In Season 1, a notorious scene solidified Homelander as one of the most reviled TV villains. Despite its receding prominence in Seasons 2 and 3, this iconic moment from The Boys has resurfaced significantly, now holding immense relevance in the narrative of Gen V.

Gen V has finally emerged, marking the much-anticipated spinoff of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys that is rapidly drawing to a conclusion. This series offers a distinctive perspective on The Boys universe, centering on a ‘supe’ college known as Godolkin University. Gen V orbits around Marie Moreau, a young ‘blood-bending’ supe who secures admission to the prestigious Vought-operated university. However, upon her arrival, Marie and her peers stumble upon a vast conspiracy. Gen V establishes numerous ties to prior seasons of The Boys, notably highlighted in Episode 7 of Gen V.

The plane crash scene in The Boys Season 1 stands out as one of the most distressing moments in the franchise, and Gen V has unveiled a significant connection involving Dean Shetty. In Season 1 of The Boys, Homelander and Queen Maeve undertake the task of thwarting a plane hijacking. Despite neutralizing the terrorists, their intervention inadvertently damages the flight controls, leading to a tragic outcome. Faced with an impossible choice and unable to rescue everyone, Homelander opts to depart, resulting in the catastrophic crash of the plane and the loss of all passengers. Vought obscured the incident, but its repercussions resurface in Gen V.

During her investigation in Dean Shetty’s office, Marie stumbles upon a blue file. Upon examining its contents, Marie discovers that two of Dean Shetty’s family members were among the casualties on the ill-fated plane, a consequence of Homelander’s departure. This revelation suggests that Dean Shetty sought to exploit the supe virus for vengeance against Homelander, harboring deep animosity toward supes. The means by which Shetty obtained these files remain unknown, but it appears to have been the driving force behind her assumption of the role of dean at Godolkin University, positioning herself to exact retribution for the events depicted in The Boys Season 1.

The plane crash depicted in The Boys Season 1 remains one of the most unsettling scenes of the season and continues to gain significance as the franchise progresses. Queen Maeve resurrected the plane crash incident in The Boys Season 2, leveraging it to blackmail Homelander. Although never fully disclosed, the enduring impact of Homelander’s decision in Season 1 is now recognized as the primary impetus behind the unfolding events in Gen V. Television series frequently overlook significant occurrences from their early seasons, making The Boys franchise’s adherence to details established four years ago commendable.

Given this unfolding narrative, it appears that The Boys Season 4 may finally unravel the secret surrounding Homelander’s actions during the plane crash. Queen Maeve’s current seclusion suggests she no longer has a compelling reason to maintain secrecy. Homelander’s public fallout with Vought has further ignited this revelation, potentially leading Vought to exploit this information to undermine the former leader of The Seven. With Marie and her associates now privy to this information, containing the knowledge of Homelander’s involvement in the plane crash in Season 4 may prove exceptionally challenging, possibly resulting in widespread dissemination of this revelation.

Unveiling Homelander’s involvement in the plane incident could introduce compelling storylines, especially in light of The Boys Season 3’s conclusion. Given Homelander’s alignment with a radicalized far-right faction, the news revelation would likely galvanize their unwavering support for the ‘supe.’ Such an expose would inevitably instigate significant conflicts, further deepening the political undercurrents within The Boys series. Homelander’s plane secret possesses the potential to dramatically alter public perception of him, exacerbating the existing schism between the already polarized pro-supe and anti-supe factions. Gen V’s integration of the plane scene serves as an effective narrative device to interconnect plot elements, potentially laying the groundwork for The Boys Season 4.

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